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FIFA 21 TOTW 3 Revealed – Includes Two OTW Players

The FIFA 21 TOTW players for week 3 of this Ultimate Team season have been revealed! Players can get their hands on a 90 rated Sergio Ramos, an 88 Firmino, and a bunch more who excelled in the past week in international football. And, two OTW players will get a boost this week.

FIFA 21 TOTW 3 Revealed - Includes Two OTW Players

Another week of Ultimate Team has gone by, meaning we’ve got another set of FIFA 21 TOTW (Team of the Week) players on our hands. After a number of international games, the folks at EA have put out new cards for the players who were at the top of their game. Among them are a 90 overall Sergio Ramos, a 88 overall Roberto Firmino, and 86 overall Kyle Walker. This team confirms some leaks from earlier in the week, so there might not be any big surprises here.

There’s a couple of great players in this lineup, and they’ll be available in packs for everyone. In the past two weeks, TOTW players were only available on the companion app in week 1, and for those with early access in week 2. This batch of players marks the first TOTW set that anyone playing Ultimate Team can get stuck into.

Plus, this week’s a good one for people with OTW (Ones To Watch) cards: two players for the first OTW squad are in the new TOTW. This means their OTW cards will get a permanent boost to their rating for this week. Those of you with Thomas Partey or Martin Odegaard has struck gold! However, with a new squad of OTW players coming soon, there’ll be even more opportunities for boosts. 

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Do you agree with the newest set of FIFA 21 TOTW players? Do you agree with us about how good this year’s FIFA could be? Let us know in the comments below!

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