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Kiyan Prince Added to FIFA 21 on Anniversary of His Death

To mark the anniversary of his death, EA has added Kiyan Prince to FIFA 21. Prince, created as a thirty-year-old, will be playable in the Queens Park Rangers squad. EA worked with Prince's family to get the likeliness correct and worked with Framestore to make it all happen.
Kiyan Prince Added to FIFA 21 on Anniversary of His Death cover

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Fifteen years on from his tragic death, EA has added Kiyan Prince to FIFA 21.

Prince lost his life in 2006 after he was stabbed while trying to break up a fight in school. The former QPR youth player was just fifteen years old.

In his memory, Prince will be available to use in the Queens Park Rangers squad in both kick-off mode and career mode.

EA has been working with Princeโ€™s family, using imagery of him at fifteen and his father, Dr. Mark Prince OBE, when he was thirty, to create an accurate appearance of what thirty-year-old Prince would look like today.

With the FIFA creation of Prince, the company also spoke to former teammates and coaches to shape his style of play and characteristics on the field.

EA says it used a special effects studio called Framestore to create Prince virtually. Framestore is best known for working on Avengers: Endgame.

Kiyan Prince is available to use now on PC and on May 19th (tomorrow) for consoles and Stadia.

Kiyan Prince Murdered footballer becomes a virtual FIFA QPR player - Long Live The Prince

Ultimate Team players will be able to unlock Kiyan Prince vanity items by completing in-game objectives. This includes a Kiyan Prince Foundation Kit inspired by the 2004/05 QPR home kit.

Since his death, Princeโ€™s family set up The Kiyan Prince Foundation to tackle knife crime in the UK.ย 

(Video by Dr Mark Prince OBE)

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