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No FIFA 21 Demo Coming This Year

EA has now confirmed that there'll be no FIFA 21 Demo this year. This will be the first time we haven't got a FIFA demo this console generation. The decision was apparently made in order to focus on the development of the full game.

No FIFA 21 Demo Coming This Year

In a break from tradition, there’ll be no FIFA 21 demo this year. Although there’s been a demo for every FIFA game this console generation, EA will not make one this time. On Twitter, EA Sports said that they wanted to focus on the “full game experience”. However, early access will still be available through EA Play, or by pre-ordering some versions of the game. If you pre-order the Ultimate or Champions edition, you’ll be able to play the game 3 days early. 

EA seems to be focusing on getting the game ready “next-gen consoles”, as the game will straddle the gap between the generations; it releases only a month before the Xbox Series X and PS5. Hopefully, this extra time will help them iron out any problems still in the game.

With the official release date on October 9, players will still be able to play the game well in advance with EA Play. However, without a free demo, most players will be going in blind. Given the current problems with Madden 21, some people might be a bit worried about going into EA’s next game without any preview. We’ll be able to get some impressions of the game from October 1, when there’ll be 10-hour trials for EA Play subscribers. But most people, without a FIFA 21 demo, will be waiting in anticipation.

FIFA 21 | Official Gameplay Trailer
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