Detroit: Become Human – Meet All Three Playable Characters

Now that we have learned about the official release date of the futuristic project created by David Cage and his team, it’s time to meet the game's three playable characters. Meet Kara, Marcus and Connor in the new trailer of Detroit: Become Human.

Detroit: Become Human - Meet All Three Playable Characters
Detroit: Become Human, the latest game from the creators of such titles like Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain or Beyond: Two Souls. The players will get a chance to follow the stories of three playable characters which are androids named Kara, Marcus and Connor. Each protagonist is presented in the story trailer that has been released today.

As it is mentioned in the video, every story arc is filled with choices almost in every situation that you face during the gameplay. Those may occur during dialogues, action sequences or even the standard exploration – simply, everything you do shapes the story in some way. As developers say, they designed the most advanced game to date in terms of branching plot and the number of its total permutations based on player's decisions.

Detroit: Become Human is planned to be released on May 25th as the PlayStation 4 exclusive title.

Detroit Become Human - Official Release Date Trailer (2018)

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