Detroit: Become Human Releases In May

We have finally learned about the official release date for the new project from David Cage and Quantic Dream studio. Detroit: Became Human will be available within five months.
Detroit: Become Human Releases In May
If any of you had a chance to put hands on last few games made by Quantic Dream then you know what to expect from Detroit: Become Human. As the studio’s trademarks, the mechanism of choices and consequences, branching storyline and multiple playable characters will also appear in this cyberpunk narrative driven project.
Detroit: Become Human touches upon a classic sci-fi topic that is man vs machine. It puts the player in shoes of several different androids who face the internal conflict and due to their advanced AI question their humanity. Some of them rebel against humans, others try to leave with them in harmony and some try to react to the violence which human do to themselves.
As we have learned today, the game will be available as PlayStation 4 exclusive title on May 25th. In addition, the developers have published the official cover art which you can check below.

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