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Deathloop is Coming to Xbox Consoles

It's about time this PlayStation 5 exclusives comes to the Xbox platform! Xbox fans won't have to wait for too long to play one of PlayStation 5's successful first-person shooter from last year. You can also pre-download the game in the moment, and there are also some surprises coming ahead.

Deathloop is Coming to Xbox Consoles

PlayStation 5 exclusive Deathloop is confirmed to arrive on the Xbox Series S & X on September 20, 2022. It will also be included on the Xbox Game Pass service.

The new trailer was shown at the near end of the Xbox section of Tokyo Game Show with game director Dinga Bakaba of Arkane Lyon providing some additional information about the upcoming version.

“It includes all the improvements that we have made since launch, including accessibility, a sweet photo mode, and to extend the party to everyone, we are also releasing the free Golden Loop updates,” Bakaba said.

The Golden Loop update is promised to add new content to Deathloop’s sandbox by providing players new weapons, enemies, upgrades, an extended ending, and more. It will also be free.

Shotguns for style points.

Shotguns for style points.

The game is a first-person shooter where players take control of Colt, who is the main protagonist obligated to take out eight targets which the game called them “Visionaries.” Deathloop features a time loop mechanic and it plays a role how the game differs from other modern day first-person shooters. It also takes place in a 1960s settings.

Deathloop does feature a multiplayer component where players can control one of the main characters and Colt’s arch nemesis: Julianna. Her goal is simply to protect the time loop by taking out Colt.

Arkane Lyon is known for other games outside of Deathloop with the Dishonored series and they have collaborated with MachineGames for Wolfenstein. Together, they have produced Wolfenstein: Youngblood & Wolfenstein Cyberpilot.

Deathloop was originally released on the PlayStation 5 and PC back on September 14, 2021. The game has won some of the awards for last year’s The Game Awards like Best Game Direction and Best Art Direction.

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