CS:GO Player to Have Sweat-Stopping Hand Surgery

Professional CS:GO player Xantares will undergo surgery to minimize hand sweat. The BIG team-member, whom twice tried Botox treatment as a solution, may have hyperhidrosis, a disease which can be treated through an operation known as sympathectomy.

CSGO Player to Have Sweat-Stopping Hand Surgery cover

BIG’s CS:GO entry fragger Ismailсan “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş will be undergoing sweat-preventing surgery on his hands. Xantares previously tried Botox treatment to subdue the issue, but evidently needs a more aggressive treatment strategy. Some Reddit users noticed the player had frequently used towels, tissues, and napkins while holding a mouse in competitions. Hopefully, this surgery will eliminate the need. 

According to an article on Gamer Goo’s website (Gamer Goo is a product aimed at alleviating gamers’ clammy hands), excessive sweating can be classified as Hyperhidrosis, a disease affecting around as many as 3% of Americans. While Xantares did not specify exactly what his surgery would entail, one operation for hyperhidrosis is sympathectomy, in which nerves in the chest are severed, thereby interrupting the signals in the body which initiate sweating. Individual sweat glands can be removed from the underarms less invasively, but evidently not from elsewhere. 

Ideally, the CS:GO player’s surgery, whether a sympathectomy or not, will reduce excessive sweat production in his hands, allowing for more comfort and confidence while competing. The Turkish fragger has already helped BIG to win the Gamers Without Borders charity event last month. Most recently, the team was knocked out of playoff contention in Cologne by Virtus.pro.

XANTARES - cs_summit 6 Highlights

As for Xantares himself, he’s been banned twice on Twitch for undisclosed reasons. More positively, he’s ranked as one of the best all-time when it comes to rating and damage per round. 

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