New Counter Strike update adds in-game sprays again

Valve recently released an update for Counter Strike: Global Offensive known as the Graffiti update. It brings back the classic feature of older Valve titles, with a few changes.

New Counter Strike update adds in-game sprays again
Counter Strike: Global Offensive, the popular eSports title and worldwide tactical shooter got the 'graffiti update' this weekend, bringing back the much-requested feature of placing custom sprays in the game world for all to see. However, this feature was added with a few changes that are sure to leave some people unsatisfied.

The 'graffiti update' starts with a short promotional event for players. Just for starting up the game, players will receive one unsealed, ready-to-apply spray. For players to receive more sprays, they will drop throughout the week in monochrome versions (one color). for players to receive sprays in multi-color, they must purchase in-game graffiti chests which will randomly give the player 50-use sealed sprays.

The feature works like this:

There are two types of sprays, monochrome, and multi-color. monochrome sprays can be gained in-game through random drops, and can be unsealed to allow 50 uses of the spray before it can no longer be used. Multi-color sprays will drop randomly from purchased in-game graffiti chests.

Each spray can be used once every round, or every 45 seconds, whichever is shorter. Getting a kill in a round-based game-mode will allow the player to apply more graffiti. The sprays can be applied in an area from the graffiti menu and will slowly fade over seven minutes before disappearing completely.

Both monochromatic and multi-color sprays (and only sealed ones) can be purchased and traded and sold in the Steam Marketplace, with artistic contributors gaining a portion of the price. Any sprays that are unsealed are ineligible for trade.

There are bound to be many users who will dislike this change from the once-free spray options in previous Valve titles, and only time will tell just how well received this update will be.

For those interested in the update, check the Counter Strike: Global Offensive blog.
If you want to know a bit more about the graffiti feature, read the FAQ.

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