CS:GO Guide: Mirage Comeback Tactic (T Side)

This CS:GO Mirage comeback tactic is for you if you are down-beaten in the CT half and need a few good rounds to set you up for a comeback. This article will walk you through a genius way to surprise your opponents and gain the upper hand with a little bit of teamwork, utilities, and a light buy.

CSGO Guide Mirage Comeback Tactic (T side) Cover
Mirage can be a tough map to make a comeback on, especially on the T side and none of the tactics is working. If you have had a terrible CT half, the match is already done for you. Furthermore, if you lose the pistol round and rebuy every round trying to lessen the round difference, the economy won’t be on your side too. As someone who plays a lot of Mirage each day, today I will share a Mirage tactic my squad uses that works almost every time… well, at least when they are not hacking. Conversely, if you have just started CS:GO, you can find these 10 COUNTER STRIKE BEGINNER TIPS helpful.
Firstly, take a timeout and have a breather. You will need two smoke grenades, one molotov, a fast pistol or SMG, and a lot of teamwork.

Setting up the Mirage Comeback Tactic:

  • Get on top of the trashcan on T side spawn and aim as shown
  • Throw smoke using a simple left-click throw. This will block the vision of CTs in Connector and Window, leaving a little gap on the right if you wish to peek at the Window guy. To learn using your utilities better, here is a website where you can learn all the nades.
  • Ask a teammate to either drop a smoke or smoke forward catwalk instead as shown below, no lineup is required. The smoke must land right at the back of the catwalk smoke shown above, blocking Connector’s view of the Ladder room and Sniper nest’s view of Short/Catwalk. Alternatively, you can also use this smoke from T side spawn, with credit to the original creator “mareex.”:
cs:go mirage catwalk / short cross smoke (just found out) 2019
  • Toss a molly in the Nest to clear out a commonly held angle on the left side Sniper Nest.

If you do all the steps right when the round begins, it would be around 1:30 left on the clock, and an isolated Mid to B path. This is where teamwork counts the most: in most ranks, there is 1 CT holding either B Apartments or Bench, 1 CT holding B Short, and 1 lurker who switches between Nest and B Market. The optimal way to take the B site is to split and distract the CTs, lure them into 1v1s and plant the C4 strategically to evade any 2vX comebacks by the defenders. 

The tactic at play

  1. Send 2 guys with the C4 to the B Apartments, walking until the smokes are set up and then rushing immediately to lure the Apartment peeker. 
  2. Rush as soon as the smokes pop killing the B Short anchor or trading instantaneously as the entry goes down. 
  3. Get the C4 planted for either Apartments or Short, and have a teammate stay at the respective position for post-plant. 

Fool-proofing the tactic

This Mirage tactic works best in the game’s later stages, especially in comebacks. Hence, the pain points you can frequently encounter are:

  • Connector campers who kill the crossing Terrorist and fall back immediately or double down since trading that kill is difficult. 
    • Make sure you don’t underthrow the smoke, it must block the vision of the Connector anchor. Jump as you cross to evade the smoke spam.
  • Two people holding B Short.
    • Coordinate and push Short together, do not let anyone deviate for Ladder Room and Nest kills.  
  • Mid Rushes on Force-buys and Ecos, messing up the coordination at Middle.
    • Flash down mid if you have one on your team. Make sure the other two teammates watch for any pushes from Connector/Nest while the third smokes B Short.
  • Underpass rushes distracting the B Apartment push. 
    • Until the smokes pop, be mindful of the footsteps as you walk. You can hear both B Short and Underpass push. 

Use this Mirage tactic in your next CS:GO matchmaking (or even Faceit) to gain a few comeback rounds to get the momentum back up. Good luck with your comebacks!

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