The Best of Gamescom – and a Whole Lot of Starfield | KeenGamer Podcast #152

Tune in to the 152nd episode of the KeenGamer Podcast! This time, Alex, Devon and David discuss their favorite Gamescom announcements and a whole heap of Starfield. Come join us!

Keengamer Podcast 152 Gamescom
There is no shortage of announcements from the last Gamescom. But with so little time and so many ways to fill it in, we undertook the noble task of discussing our favorites – so you know what to look out for. All the while, we somehow keep coming back to Starfield, I wonder why that could be. Join 
AlexDevon and David as they unravel the world’s largest gaming event.

Of course, that’s not all we do. We also talk about the PlayStation Plus price hike, the end of Volition, and the horror that is the Metal Gear Solid Switch port. Tune in!

[01:20] – What We’re Playing

[14:50] – Games We’re Looking Forward To

[21:20] – News

[48:30] – Main Topic: The Best of Gamescom


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