MLB The Show 21: Trophies & Achievements List

This vital achievements list will help you become a pro player to 100%. Along with PlayStation players, Xbox users now have the chance to play the quintessential baseball game. Grab your bat and keep your eye on the grand prize of getting that platinum.

MLB The Show 21 - Trophies & Achievements List Cover

The start of the MLB season comes with the definite baseball game, MLB The Show. This year is extra special for players as this is the first year that The Show is coming to Xbox. It opens up a whole new field of completionists that want to get every single achievement. To help you feel like you just won the World Series, I complied a list of all 26 achievements and how to unlock them.

MLB The Show 21 Trophies & Achievements 

Trophy/Achievement Title Unlock Requirement
King of the Diamond! Achieve all trophies in MLB The Show 21.
No Baseball Is Safe Hit 100 home runs throughout any combination of modes.
Quality Win Win a 9-inning game only allowing three hits or less.
Mowing Them Down Strikeout six batters or more within the first 3 innings.
Welcome to The Show! In Road To The Show, get called up to the MLB® Level.
WORLD SERIES® Champs Win a WORLD SERIES® in March to October.
Winning In Style Win a game on any walk-off.
Dugout Walk Successfully pick off a runner on any base.
Power Swing Hit 50 home runs throughout any combination of modes.
OCTOBER BASEBALL™ Win a Division Series in March to October to advance.
The Long Road In Road to the Show, get the call to the Triple-A level.
Friendly Gesture With Pinpoint pitching, strike out three batters within an inning.
Pitch Collector During any plate appearance, see ten or more pitches.
All About Hustle Collect four hits or more within a game with a single player
Work That Count After falling behind in the count 0-2, work back to a full 3-2 count.
I’m Walkin’ Here!! Record eight or more team walks within a game.
Sneak Attack Advance a runner into scoring position or score a run with a sac bunt.
Strength & Energy Hit 25 home runs throughout any combination of modes.
On The Path to Greatness In Road to the Show, get drafted by an MLB® team.
That Looks Classy Equip any bat skin onto your Road to the Show player or Diamond Dynasty team.
Baseball Satellite

Hit a 425+ foot home run in any stadium.

Chopping Firewood As a pitcher, break a hitter’s bat.
Free Ticket to 1st Draw a walk with the first batter of an inning.
Fast Track In March to October, fast-track a prospect by earning a player boost in a minor league player-lock episode.
Grand Opening Open your first player card pack.

No Extra Innings Required

Compared to previous entries, this year’s edition isn’t that bad. There will be a little bit of grind, but it won’t take weeks to complete. One thing to note is trying to gain experience by playing with friends in local multiplayer or in practice mode won’t be counted. That shouldn’t limit players as getting XP from Road to the Show, Diamond Dynasty, March to October, and others will help to achieve these goals fast. 

MLB The Show 21 Gameplay Trailer (First look!)

MLB The Show 21 is available on PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox One/Series X|S.

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