How to do the Oak’s Letter Mystery Gift in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

The Oak's Letter mystery gift has been reprised in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. Here's a detailed guide for reaching Professor Oak on Route 224 and catching Shaymin. The encountered Shaymin will spawn at level 30 and can be shiny.

How to do the Oak’s Letter Mystery Gift in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining PearlFollowing an eventful Pokémon Presents, Game Freak sent a mystery gift to Pokémon BDSP players. This guide provides details on how to do the Oak’s letter mystery gift in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Players have the chance to catch the mythical Pokémon Shaymin at the end of this mystery gift.

Before Starting

Defeat the Pokémon League Champion before starting, as that is required in order to do this mystery gift.

There will be trainers to battle along the way to the spot where Professor Oak is waiting. Their Pokémon are ranged from level 50-60, so bring powerful Pokémon.

Description of the Oak's Letter mystery gift event.

Description of the Oak’s Letter mystery gift event.

Shaymin spawns at level 30 so plan accordingly. Using a much more powerful Pokémon that knows the move False Swipe is a great plan. That move always leaves at least 1 HP, so bring a Pokémon that’s at least level 50 that knows False Swipe to use against Shaymin. TMs for it are available on the third floor of the Veilstone Department Store. Here’s a list of every Pokémon that can know False Swipe.

Make sure that you have a good amount of Poké Balls. It shouldn’t take many attempts to catch Shaymin, but it’s always better to have an ample supply to avoid running out. If you don’t wish to encounter wild Pokémon, then buy plenty of Max Repels too.

Shaymin is not shiny locked. So, if one wishes to soft reset until it spawns as a shiny sprite, it may pay off.

Shaymin encounter at the end of Oak's Letter mystery gift.

Shaymin encounter at the end of Oak’s Letter mystery gift.

Reaching Professor Oak

Upon viewing Oak’s Letter in the key items section of the player’s inventory it will say that Professor Oak wants the player to meet him on Route 224. This location is reached through Victory Road. Head south from the Sinnoh Pokémon League building and enter Victory Road. Once inside continue south and use Rock Climb to descale the ledge. Turn left and at the fork turn north. At the next fork turn left, then immediately go south up the stairs just behind the trainer with long grey hair. Follow this path all the way to the right and there will be a cave entrance at the end to go through.

Proceed through this path until reaching a room with white fog, then use defog. Go north and use strength to move the boulder out of the way. Continue north until reaching a line of three boulders. Move each one to the left or right, but not up, as that will block the path. Stay north past a duo of purple robed trainers then turn right. Keep right past two more sets of trainers until reaching stairs. Go down the stairs and turn right. Then surf on the water above another pair of purple robed trainers to reach a further set of stairs. Go down those stairs and through the cave exit. Stay on this path until reaching Route 224.

Player and Professor Oak standing beside a stone tablet.

Player and Professor Oak standing beside a stone tablet.

Proceed north then turn right past another trainer with long grey hair. Continue right then turn north when the beach ends. Go to the upper left at the fork. Then continue north until reaching Professor Oak standing at a stone tablet.

Talk to him and he will ask the player to tell him about a someone who the player feels great gratitude towards. Simply type anything in. The Seabreak Path will then appear to the right and Shaymin will come strolling down, then it will run back north. Proceed north through the Seabreak Path. This is a long walk, so use your bike. Shaymin will be waiting at the end.

[LIVE] SHINY FULL ODDS SHAYMIN in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond! (+ Sky forme)

Catching Shaymin

If you wish to shiny hunt Shaymin then turn off autosave, save, activate Shaymin, see if it’s shiny, catch if it is, or soft reset if it’s not. Anyone simply seeking to catch Shaymin, shiny or not, simply activate Shaymin to facilitate the encounter. As previously stated, having a Pokémon around level 50 use False Swipe until Shaymin has 1 HP is a very effective strategy. Once, its HP is low enough throw Poké Balls until it’s caught.

That’s how to do the Oak’s Letter mystery gift in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. This reprisal of the original mystery gift from Pokémon Platinum has really taken fans down memory lane. Perhaps the Member’s Card mystery gift will be next, it’s been a long time since fans have had the chance to catch Darkrai.

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