Baldur’s Gate 3 | How to Kill (or Save) True Soul Nere

Upon reaching the Grymforge, you're most likely going to run into Sergeant Thrinn who tasks you with freeing True Soul Nere. This guide will tell you exactly how to do so as well as going over some other options such as; killing or saving Nere. No matter what path you decide to ultimately go on, there will be some sort of conflict so its best you be prepared!

Baldur's Gate 3 | How to Kill (or Save) True Soul NereBaldur’s Gate 3 is a game full of choices and alternative paths. With many different ways things can pan out, it’s important that you weigh your options in order to see what works best for you. The ‘Free True Soul Nere‘ questline is no exception, giving you the options to either save Nere, let him die, or even kill him yourself. Regardless of what you end up choosing, there are a lot of options to explore and it’s a must to fully understand them before ultimately making a decision.

That being said, this guide will help you understand how to kill or save True Soul Nere in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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Where is Nere in Baldur’s Gate 3?

True Soul Nere is a Drow located in the Underdark – Grymforge. Using the docks found in the Underdark to travel there, you’ll eventually learn that he is trapped behind a cave-in in a room full of poison gas. A Duergar soldier by the name of Sergeant Thrinn who is in charge of the dig-site attempting to free Nere, asks for your help. Whether or not you agree, this activates the quest, leaving the determined outcome up to you. There are many different ways this quest can pan out. Therefore, it’s important to understand how to kill or save True Soul Nere in order for you to make the best possible choice.

Cave-in location in the Grymforge. (Source: Fextralife)

Cave-in location in the Grymforge. (Source: Fextralife)

Before deciding Nere’s fate, you must first clear the rubble that he is trapped behind. (Note: if you already know that you want Nere dead, check out ‘Killing Nere – The Easy Way‘ below as you do not need to clear the rubble in that case). If you have a Smokepowder bomb on you, then you can simply drop it from your inventory near the rubble which prompts the Duergar gnomes to back away. Once the area is clear, detonate it using a fire arrow or spell, or simply throw another explosive towards it. The rubble will clear and you’ll be able to access the area in which Nere was trapped in.

If you do not possess any explosives, worry not for there are a number of ways that you can obtain them.

How to Obtain Explosives

Smokepowder Satchel

Head towards east and eventually you’ll encounter some Duergar that are throwing Deep gnome corpses into water. Nearby, you’ll find a metal door that you’ll have to head through. As you enter and walk around, you and your party will make Perception checks that uncover either a Button or a Collapsed Archway. Either one of those will help you enter the secret, hidden area. In which, there is a chest that you can loot for two Smokepowder Satchels. 

Smokepowder Satchel location in the Grymforge. (Source: Fextralife)

Smokepowder Satchel location in the Grymforge. (Source: Fextralife)

Alternatively, if you are a Druid and are able to shapeshift, you can access this area by transforming into something small enough to fit within the nearby gap. Whichever way you choose to proceed is irrelevant as long as you manage to get your hands on those satchels. Upon doing so, head back to the cave-in and simply drop the Smokepowder Satchels near the rubble. Igniting them with a fire arrow, fire spell, or another explosive should do the trick, clearing the rubble and freeing Nere.

Runepowder Vial (Philomeen’s Hiding Spot)

Philomeen is an anxious deep gnome who is afraid of the Dreuger and Absolute cultists. Located near the Abandoned Refuge area, you’ll have to jump over the chasm to make it to a locked Intricate door. If you’re not that skilled with your hands, you can simply enter through the hole in the wall towards the left of the door. Afterwards, you’ll find yourself in Philomeen’s Hiding Spot. Inside there is a nervous Philomeen who you’ll need to calm down by succeeding in Persuasion checks and selecting the correct dialogue options. Failure to do so results in you fighting Philomeen, but either way, you’ll gain access to Runepowder Vials.

After obtaining the vials, simply place them near the rubble and ignite them using a fire arrow, fire spell, or another explosive. There is a way to cheese this if you do not want to try and persuade or fight Philomeen. Have one of your party members speak to Philomeen, while you steal the required vials. Regardless of your methods, you should have the necessary tools needed to free Nere from behind the rubble.

Philomeen's hiding spot in the Grymforge. (Source: Fextralife)

Philomeen’s hiding spot in the Grymforge. (Source: Fextralife)

Should you Kill or Save True Soul Nere?

Now, we’ve reached a point where you must decide whether or not you want to kill or save him. Killing Nere is the morally correct option for those of you roleplaying as a hero. This is because if you side with him, he brutally murders Duergar gnome slaves in ‘the name of the Absolute’. However, questioning Nere’s violent ways will result in you immediately engaging in combat, fighting him and the surrounding Duergar. Choosing to kill Nere also helps you complete another quest which involves you cutting off Nere’s head and delivering it to the Sovereign Spaw. This is related to his quest ‘Protect the Myconid Circle‘, prompting you to rid the docks of Duergar.

Not only that, but you can loot Nere’s corpse and obtain the Moon Lantern, which unfortunately is broken. If want to know how to get a functioning Moon Lantern, then check out our guide on How to Defeat Kar’niss (Moon Lantern Location). Yet, successfully defeating Nere is no easy task as it will require a lot of strategic planning and focus.

Killing Nere – How to Win the Fight

This fight can prove to be incredibly difficult as you and your party members are completely surrounded. Luckily, there are a number of ways that make the fight feel a bit more forgiving.

Siding with Nere is a solid option as he fights alongside you and your party members. If you do not wish to do so but still require some back-up, there are three main ways to forge some alliances. The first being the obvious option which is presented to you through dialogue in your encounter with Nere. Basically, you need to save the gnomes by picking the following dialogue choices:

  • Stop! No more innocents will die today, Nere.
  • Of course I care. I can’t let these gnomes suffer.
  • You wouldn’t dare. I’m faithful to the Absolute.
Nere and the dialogue options once you free him.

Nere and the dialogue options once you free him.

Immediately afterwards, the battle begins but you’ve got a few gnomes on your side to help you fight. However, before all of this, there is a way to get even more of an extra helping hand in the fight.

Extra Alliances

On your way to the cave-in you’ll more than likely run into Elder Brithvar, a Deurgar who is discussing the Nere situation at hand with Stone Guard Kur. Talking to him will reveal that Brithvar is actually angry at Nere because of unpaid wages. If you convince him that you’re not on Nere’s side, then he then attempts to strike a deal with you to bring Nere down. Accepting this deal will prompt him to task you with destroying the Scrying Eye which you must do before the alliance begins.

Elder Brithvar and the dialogue option to either side with him and the rebels or side with Nere. - Baldur's Gate 3 | How to Kill (or Save) Nere

Elder Brithvar and the dialogue option to either side with him and the rebels or side with Nere.

After you free Nere, Brithvar brings up the unpaid wages situation and the choice regarding the Duergar lies in the palm of your hands. Siding with Brithvar and the rebellion guarantees that they will aid you in your quest to kill Nere, fighting alongside you and your party members. If Brithvar survives the battle, you can then convince him to release the Deep gnome slaves which helps complete the ‘Save the Grymforge Gnomes‘ questline.

Thinning Out The Herd

A great technique used to make the entire encounter easier is to battle the nearby Duergar soldiers before you free Nere. You can achieve this by stealthly executing lone targets such as archers. This is a fantastic way to make it so that the battle itself has fewer enemies.

Another thing you can do to clear out some of the enemies in the area, is to find the deep Rothe. Near the forge, players can find a deep Rothe, an animal that is trying to get rid of some rubble that is blocking the path to the Adamantine Forge. If you posses the ability to speak to animals, you can command it to attack Skarjall, the evil herdmaster who is abusing the deep Rothe. There are a number of choices to be made here, but the most important thing is to stay on the Rothe’s good side. In the end, regardless of choice, you’ll have to fight Skarjall and his crew, which as a result thins out the Grymforge of enemies.

Vantage Points and Attack Strategy

Immediately after the fight starts, you’ll want to position your party members on top of the ledge to the right which can be accessed through a ladder. In fact, you can even get them into position before the battle, ensuring that you’ve got a locational advantage. It is highly suggested that mages stay up-top, avoiding melee damage and inflicting AOE attacks on the battlefield below. Use spells such as; Cloud of Daggers and Magic Missile, to bestow damage on your enemies from afar.

Cloud of Daggers spell in Baldur's Gate 3.

Cloud of Daggers spell in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Shadowheart is a great companion to bring along as she’ll be able to heal your party members and protect them by casting Sanctuary. Having two spellcasters, one of which being offensive and the other focusing on defense is a perfect balance. The third party member can either be a stealthy attacker who uses illusion to manipulate the battlefield and thin the herd. Alternatively, they can be a fierce warrior, getting up close and personal to deal immense damage before ultimately downing.

Following these steps should prove useful in your attempt to kill Nere. If you’re still struggling, consider checking out ‘Killing Nere – The Easy Way‘ below.

Killing Nere – The Easy Way

If you’re not quite the fighter and instead prefer to label yourself as an adventuring pacifist, then this method if for you. Despite it being morally questionable, you can just pretend that your in-game character was unaware of what’s to come and call it a day. Basically, you can avoid the battle and trouble altogether if you long rest after speaking with Nere and the Duergar attempting to free him. Once you return, head back to the rubble and you’ll find that Nere will have died to the poison and the entire place will be abandoned. Simply loot corpses for what you want and be on your merry way!

Saving Nere – What Comes Next?

As mentioned above, explosives are the way to clear the rubble and save Nere. After you successfully do so, you are able to sit in silence or encourage Nere as he murders the gnomes, thus recruiting him in your battle. If Nere lives through the fight, he rewards you with an Illithid Parasite which can be used to unlock unique Illithid powers. Be careful not to take long rests because that will result in the death of Nere, thus failing your goal of saving the troubled Drow.

Deliver Nere’s Head (Soverign Spaw Quest)

If you’re looking to complete Soverign Spaw’s quest, you must NOT maim his body. You must kill him in a way that does not involve burning him to death. A simple strike with a blade or arrow as the finishing blow will suffice.

Image of Nere's decapitated head that you have to deliver to Sovereign Spaw. -Baldur's Gate 3 | How to Kill (or Save) Nere

Nere’s decapitated head.

If Nere falls into the lava or has any permanent damage to his corpse, you cannot retrieve his head, thus failing the quest and making you miss some neat rewards and loot. You can attempt to fish Nere’s body out of the lava using Lae’zel’s tadpole ability, but it doesn’t always work. If everything goes according to plan after Nere’s death, a prompt should appear when you interact with Nere’s corpse, giving you the option to cut his head off and take it.

Those were the steps on how to kill or save True Soul Nere. For more related content, make sure to check out our Baldur’s Gate 3 articles page.

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