You Can Be Part of Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Editions

It has been a quarter century since Baldur’s Gate was released. BioWare’s masterpiece celebrated its 25th anniversary, and Beamdog, the devs behind Baldur’s Gate I & II: Enhanced Editions, offer the fans a chance to be part of the game. In a Steam post, they instruct players to send them their portraits.

You Can Be Part of Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Editions

The original Baldur’s Gate game celebrates its 25th anniversary. In 1998, BioWare released one of the genre-defining titles. It became a classic that everybody knows, at least by the name. The devs at Beamdog did not develos the third installment Baldur’s Gate 3, but are currently working on Baldur’s Gate I & II: Enhanced Editions and revealed that the fans have a unique opportunity to be part of the game. They only need to send their photos, and the artist, Mike Sass, who stood behind the portraits of the companions, will create the two portraits in the style of the game. Beamdog then will implement the portraits right into the Enhanced Editions.

Baldur’s Gate also celebrated ten years since Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition. In the post on Steam, the devs express immense gratitude to all fans and players who have been following and supporting them for all those years. They want to thank the gamers and also honor Baldur’s Gate by releasing the mentioned Baldur’s Gate I & II: Enhanced Editions. Moreover, they thought of offering a chance to the fans to become a part of the game. It is a slim chance, indeed, yet a nice gesture towards the community, too.

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition Gameplay Trailer

If you are interested and willing to send your photo to Beamdog, read the whole post. The team provides a descriptive guide. You should send also information on your character’s desired class, race, and backstory. The deadline is on March 6. The post comprises a letter from Mike Sass, too. He gives insight into his life and what he has learned over the years. He then explains how his experience should translate into his work on the Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Editions

SOURCE: Steam Post

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