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6 Handy XCOM 2 Cheat Commands to Activate With the Debug Console

XCOM 2 has a good debug console that this guide tells you how to activate and cheat with! Have you got seriously stuck in a mission or campaign whilst playing that game? If so, try activating some of the XCOM 2 cheat commands below to get you out of the mud.

6 Handy XCOM 2 Cheat Commands to Activate With the Debug Console

XCOM 2 is a tough turn-based strategy game you can make a whole lot easier by activating cheats. To do that, you must enable the debug console for XCOM 2 within the Steam or Epic Games Launcher. Then you can activate the XCOM 2 cheat commands below, along with many others, by entering them in the debug console.

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To enable the debug console, you’ll need to enter a launch option (command line argument) for XCOM 2 in Steam or Epic Games Launcher. In Steam, an -allowconsole launch option is sufficient. Epic users will need to set a longer -allowconsole -log -autodebug command line argument. This is how to enable the debug console in Epic Games Launcher:

  1. Open Epic Games Launcher, and click your user account button.
  2. Select Settings on the user menu.
    The Settings menu option

    The Settings menu option

  3. Scroll down to a list of your games.
  4. Click the XCOM 2 game to expand its options.
  5. Select the Additional Command Line Arguments checkbox.
  6. Then input -allowconsole -log -autodebug in the command line box.
    The Additional Command Line Arguments option

    The Additional Command Line Arguments option

  7. Restart Epic Games Launcher before playing XCOM 2 again.

Launch the game and press the ~ keyboard key in a mission or inside the Avenger. You’ll now see a debug console text box whenever you press the ~ key. You can activate any XCOM 2 cheat commands below by entering them in that box.

In Steam, you’ll need to right-click the XCOM 2 game and select Properties. Click the Set Launch Options button on the General tab. Input -allowconsole in the box, and press the OK button.

Get More Resources

When you’ve enabled the debug console, you can try out some XCOM 2 cheat commands! Get more supplies and intel resources aboard the Avenger with the GiveResource [ResourceName] [Quantity] command. To get 300 more supplies, input GiveResource Supplies 300 in the debug console and press Enter. Or you can grab more intel by inputting GiveResource Intel 300. You can also amass alloys, dust, and cores by including these IDs in that command:

  • AlienAlloy
  • EleriumDust
  • EleriumCore

There are two things to note about this command. Firstly, you’ll need to have at least one of whatever resource you want more of. Secondly, your supply/intel resource total will only get updated after you’ve exited a room in the Avenger. Exit a room and enter another aboard the Avenger to update your resource total after command activation.

The GiveResource XCOM 2 cheat command

The GiveResource XCOM 2 cheat command

No Damage, Infinite Action Points, and no Reload on Missions

This is XCOM 2’s god-mode command that makes your squad more than invincible. To activate it, enter PowerUp in the debug console and press Return during a mission. Then your team will be immune from damage, have unlimited action (movement) points, and won’t need to reload. Enemies won’t even get a chance to attack unless you select to end your turn. You can deactivate the god mode by inputting the PowerUp command in the console again after activating it.

Take no Damage

This XCOM 2 cheat command is a slightly more limited alternative to god mode that only gives your squad immunity from enemy attacks. You can activate it by inputting TakeNoDamage in the debug console and pressing Enter while playing a mission. Entering TakeNoDamage a second time disables the cheat. It will be an invaluable command for any mission you get stuck on.

The TakeNoDamage XCOM 2 cheat command

The TakeNoDamage XCOM 2 cheat command

Heal All Soldiers on the Avenger

The HealAllSoldiers XCOM 2 cheat command

The HealAllSoldiers XCOM 2 cheat command

Is your list of injured soldiers getting rather long? If so, you can save yourself waiting for them to become available again by activating this command. Bring up the debug console on the Avenger, and input the HealAllSoldiers command. That command will heal all injured troops in your barracks.

Teleport to Cursor Position

This XCOM 2 cheat command can come in handy on time-constrained missions. It enables your squad to teleport to any location on the map, just like Star Trek’s Captain Kirk. First, move your mouse’s cursor to the position on the mission you want to teleport your squad. Then input the TATC command in the console to move your whole squad there.

The TATC cursor XCOM 2 cheat command

The TATC cursor XCOM 2 cheat command

Alternatively, you can teleport a single soldier. Select a unit and move the cursor somewhere to teleport it. Input TTC into the debug console to move the selected unit to the cursor’s location.

Decrease Avatar Project Progress

Is the dreaded Avatar Project too close to completion for comfort in your campaign? If yes, this XCOM 2 cheat command for decreasing Avatar Project progress will be just what you need. Tap in RemoveFortressDoom 1 into the game’s debug console to reduce that project’s progress by one. Or you can input RemoveFortressDoom 6 for a much bigger decrease. Change the value at the end of that command for however many levels you want to cut the project’s progress.

Official XCOM 2 Launch Trailer

There are many more XCOM 2 cheat commands you can activate with that game’s debug console. However, the cheats above will be more than enough to guarantee completion. If you ever get seriously stuck in XCOM 2, its degu console will be your salvation.

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