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XCOM 2 new DLC brings the return of mechs

XCOM 2's latest DLC, "Shen's Last Gift" just became available on Xbox One, PS4, and Steam. Jump into the newest robotic soldier class, the SPARK, and get to punching aliens in the face!

XCOM 2 DLC Shen's Last Gift lets you take control of a huge robot SPARK
XCOM 2, the army tactics title by Firaxis Games, just received a new DLC that brings a new story mission as well as an all new soldier class, the SPARK.

The story goes like this: Lead Engineer Lily Shen wants to find the project her father was working on before his death, and she comes to the commander for help. You'll find out what happened to this secret project inside of a story mission, and along the way you'll recruit the all new soldier type: the SPARK.

What is a SPARK? Simply put, a huge robot capable of killing or defending. The SPARK is a soldier comparable to the MECS in the previous game of the series, Enemy Unknown. They are giant bullet sponges capable of dealing huge amounts of damage. The SPARK has 2 skill trees: War Machine and Future Combat. War Machine lets your SPARK take huge amounts of damage, capstoning at Sacrifice which lets a soldier create a defensive bubble that diverts all incoming damage to the SPARK that created it. One of the final Future Combat abilities is Wrecking Ball, which lets a SPARK destroy walls and cover by running through them. The old MEC favorite, Kinetic Punch, is back. That means more giving sectoids shiners!

Shen's Last Gift is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam.

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