Top 10 PS2 Games That Have Skyrocketed in Value

Collectors have seen PS2 games skyrocket in value recently. It's normal for retro games to go up in value, but the increase we've seen since the pandemic is truly shocking. Check out the top 10 PS2 games that have seen their values drastically increase.


With the PS2 being the highest selling console of all time (though the Switch is catching up) it’s no surprise that gamers still collect and play classic PS2 games. Today, PS2 game values are actually at an all time high. With a lack of digital releases on current-gen consoles, it is rather difficult to play some classic games on the PS2 like God-Hand or Final Fantasy 7: Dirge of Cerberus, without having to dust off the old PS2. 

This makes it a great time for you to sell if you’re in dire need of some extra cash, and of course, willing to part ways with a few rare games from your collection. However, if you’d like to hold onto your precious relics a bit longer, current trends make it seem that prices will continue to rise. Since COVID hit, the value of the average PS2 game went from $7.00 to $14.00 in a short span of two years. As time progresses, more PS2 discs will get lost, scratched or thrown away, making it even more difficult to find some of these titles.

Here is a list of the top 10 PS2 games that have increased in value.

God Hand – Capcom

With prices north of $200 online and in stores for a complete copy of God Hand, this easily made the list. But if you’re lucky enough to have a sealed version, you can almost get $450 to $500 for it.

God Hand HD - Fan Trailer

(Video by: sarezjay)

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha Vs. The Soulless Army – Atlus

I remember when this game was going for $20 new on Amazon back in the early 2000’s. Boy, I wish I snagged a copy at the time, or 5 or 6…  The game is currently retailing for around $250 CIB (Complete in Box). Strange that Atlus produced so many copies of SMT: Persona and SMT: Digital Devil Saga for PS2, but decided not to do the same for the Devil Summoner series. You can get Persona 3 or 4, or any of the Digital Devil Saga games for dirt cheap these days. 

Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner 1 Raidou Kuzunoha vs The Soulless Army INTRO

(Video by: BuffMaister)

Obscure – Mighty Rocket Studio

I kick myself whenever I see Obscure. I sold it a while back to a pawn shop for a … rather small sum that I refuse to mention. Who would have known that a used copy of this game would go for around $270 today!? Hindsights 20/20 I guess. The really cool thing about this game (other than having Sum 41 in the soundtrack) is that you can play couch co-op with a friend. The majority of horror games are single player, so it felt really unique playing a horror game with my brother.

(Video by: TheGamezFanz)

Xenosaga: Episode III – Bandai

The final entry in JRPG sci-fi trilogy, Xenosaga: Episode III sits at a value around $315 – $330 today. It was one of Bandai’s more popular franchises for PS2 and is well loved among JRPG’ers. 

Why Xenosaga 3 is One of the Greatest RPGs Ever

(Video by: RPGTrek)

Futurama – Unique Development Studios

The show was great, but was the Futurama PS2 game any good? It seems to have mixed reviews, and is actually the only game on this list that I haven’t played. So I can’t say for sure if its worth spending $400 for. I’m going to lean towards a ‘no’, but that depends on how big of a Matt Groening fan you are. 

Top-10-PS2-Games-That Have-Skyrocketed-In-Value-Futurama

The official Futurama game for PS2. But did anyone actually ask for this?

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories – Konami

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is an incredibly scary game that received great scores. But Konami just didn’t seem to produce enough copies. Horror games in general seem to be manufactured less than other more popular genres, (Call of Duty Cough*) clearly making them much more valuable. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories goes for a whopping $480 – $500 CIB currently, and over $1500 for a sealed copy!

Silent Hill Shattered Memories - HD Remastered Opening - PS2

(Video by: PlayscopeTimeline)

.hack Quarantine – Bandai

One of the four PS2 .hack games released, Quarantine is by far the rarest and most expensive. It goes for about $490-510. A well rounded, cool sci-fi JRPG, the .hack series for PS2 were fantastic games that didn’t receive the respect it deserved at the time. 

.hack//Quarantine Opening

(Video by: MikeDaze666)

Haunting Ground – Capcom

Quite the opposite of my Obscure fiasco, I was fortunate enough to find Haunting Ground at a pawn shop in Canada for a few bucks. I frequently check the value of this game, as if I’m checking bitcoin stocks, as the current value of this CIB game is $500-550 and around $1,100 new. It was an absolutely terrifying game. I hated those creepy demon things that would lurk around every corner, just waiting to kill you. Without that faithful dog companion by my side, I probably would have never even attempted to play it. 

Here’s a clip from part of the game that forced me to stop playing for about a month:

Haunting Ground - Daniella Chase

(Video by: LlamaLuu)

But don’t get confused with the PAL version, as with all other European Versions of games, they tend to go for a lot less than the North American counterpart. In the case of Haunting Ground, the value decreases by about $400.

Rule of Rose – Atlus

Sticking with the horror trend, Rule of Rose is a bit of a controversial game, which could be why it is worth so much. This horror/Survival game is selling for around $1,100 right now with a sealed and professionally graded price of $14,000 to $20,000.  Ummm…what??

Atlus USA Trailer: Rule of Rose

(Video by: OfficialAtlusWest)

Kuon – FromSoftware

This game literally jumped from about $200 pre-pandemic to approximately $1,100 – $1250 just for a used CIB copy. Thus making Kuon the most expensive PS2 title out there and easily the rarest. Now if there was the smallest, 0.0001 percent chance that you actually have a sealed copy of Kuon – Then I’d recommend you protect it and guard it with your life… It could be all you need for a downpayment on a house. 

(Video by: KGBx988)

Are there any games I missed? What are some of the most expensive retro games you have in your collection? Let us know in the comments. 



  1. Hi – I have several of these games, but all have the hole in the UPC (the hole is only in the artwork, not through the case…so they are still factory sealed). I bought them a few years ago at a garage sale! Does the hole in the UPC reduce the collectible value in your opinion? Thanks

    • Good question. Unfortunately, it does decrease the value.. They are legit versions of the game, and even though they are still factory sealed, the hole punch brings down the value. Frustrating, I know. Collectors call them “Promo” copies. They were sometimes given to Sony reps, or other partners to test/play the game. Having said that, they are still worth a lot, especially rare ones, just not as much as one without a hole punch. Hope this helps.

  2. I own 4 of these 10. Been a collector since i was like 8. Agree with all of them but where is Shadow Hearts?!

    • Hah good call! I love Shadow Hearts, and Id say be number 11 or 12, as they can go for about 160-180 today.

  3. I own two of these games. God Hand, I got for about a hundred dollars US a few years ago. Great action game, but it is a little short. I would have liked two more levels. Haunting Ground, I think I paid about $340 for at a local shop, but most of the money came from trade-ins. Haunting Ground is a great survival horror game with impressive trickery on the PS2. The game hardly ever loads, but this is still on the PS2, so it loads someway. I kept my eye peaked, looking for the hidden loading in the game, and I could not find it. That’s something you don’t really see anymore with how obvious loading is now when you are squeezing through a tight space. The game does have some annoying backtracking in it, and there are some parts that will most likely require a guide. There’s one part where you need to kick an object to get an item inside of it, despite the fact the game never teaches you that kicking objects can reveal items beforehand. For the most part, it’s a really great horror game, though.

    • You’re absolutely right. Haunting Ground is so good, but some of the mechanics make it extremely difficult.
      Its so great you have God Hand AND Haunting Ground. Be sure to hold onto those both!! Their value is only going to rise even more 🙂


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