Author: Wesley Wakelin

Having fallen in love with games at the age of 4, playing Bonks Adventure on the Turbo Grafx 16, I've never looked back. Now gaming on a PS5, Switch and a Mac (Yes, I know, Macs aren't for gaming) I mostly dive into RPG's, Action/Adventure, the odd shooter, Anime games and pretty much anything with swords and sorcery.

Top 10 Highly Anticipated Fantasy Games Releasing in the Near Future

Top 10 Upcoming Fantasy Games to be Excited About

If you've been yearning to play some great fantasy games this year, but nothing has peaked your interest so far, have no fear. It's going to be an exciting time to be a gamer if you love fantasy games. A stacked lineup of upcoming fantasy g...

Nintendo Direct Mini Reveals Persona Titles and More Coming to Switch

Nintendo Direct Mini Reveals Persona Titles and More Coming to Switch

At today's Nintendo Direct Mini, a slew of 3rd party titles were announced coming to the Switch. Included in these were four AAA games that fans have been waiting for. NieR: Automata - The End of YoRHa Edition and Persona 3P, Persona 4 Gold...


Upcoming 2022 Anime to be Excited for this Summer

With summer already at our doorstep, it's time to start slotting in those upcoming 2022 summer anime shows into your calendars. I know theres so many to watch with so little time, but don't go crazy. You still need to work or attend school ...


Top 10 PS2 Games That Have Skyrocketed in Value

Collectors have seen PS2 games skyrocket in value recently. It's normal for retro games to go up in value, but the increase we've seen since the pandemic is truly shocking. Check out the top 10 PS2 games that have seen their values drastica...


Square Enix Reveals Two New Final Fantasy 7 Games

After months of silence on the Final Fantasy 7 front, Square Enix has just announced two new Final Fantasy 7 games. They revealed the second installment in the Final Fantasy 7 remake trilogy, and a surprise remake of an old PSP classic. To...