Team Fortress 2 Scout Weapon Tier List

With this Team Fortress 2 Scout Weapon Tier List you'll find all the weapons to get the best out of the Scout and which to avoid like the plague! The Scout is one of the most played classes in Team Fortress 2. But ever wanted to know which of their weapons are the best and which are terrible?

Team Fortress 2 Scout Weapon Tier List

Team Fortress 2‘s Scout is one of the most popular classes in the game. Spend any amount of time on a server these days and you’ll see more than a few (and arguably too many) running about and causing havoc. But with such a large and versatile arsenal of weapons, it can be hard for new players to keep track of what weapons are the best and which are utter garbage. And that is where this Team Fortress 2 Scout Weapon Tier List comes in.

Team Fortress 2 is my most-played game on Steam, having been playing it since its release. And the Scout is my most-played class. So, needless to say, I’d like to think I have a good grasp on this one. However, this is only my opinion. If you disagree let me know in the comments below. And by the way, this list does not include the reskin versions of the weapons; So you won’t see the C.A.P.P.E.R or Mutated Milk here. This is all about the stats and playstyle of the weapons not their looks. With all that said, let’s get to it.


Scatter Gun

It might feel cheap having the Scattergun as an S-tier weapon given that it is a stock weapon. But honestly given what a great all-around weapon it is. I’d be nuts to not rate it so highly. It is consistent, it is reliable, and in the hands of a good scout player, it can melt every class in the game in a matter of shots. All without wasting their entire clip. And given the bullet spread you can make up for having a poor aim. Which is useful in close-range Scout vs Scout engagements.

A timeless classic.

A timeless classic.

The Scattergun allows you to maintain your momentum whilst charging into enemy lines or to the objective. And whilst it might not work well at long range, has a slow reload, and slower fire rate compared to some of the other primary weapons on this list it isn’t one that should be overlooked. Seriously, learn how to get the best out of this and you can dominate a wealth of players.



Next up on my Team Fortress 2 Scout Weapon Tier List comes the Force-A-Nature. First added to the game as part of his class update back in 2009. Class updates? Remember those!? The Force-A-Nature or FAN as it is otherwise known is a sawn-off shotgun. It offers a quicker reload speed and can be used to give you a boost to your jumps. Though granted you have fewer shots per clip so it doesn’t directly replace the scattergun. Don’t let the -10% damage penalty put you off using it. Given the extra pellets per shot stat, it actually makes the weapon slightly more powerful per shot than the Scattergun

I'm a big fan of the FAN.

I’m a big fan of the FAN.

The FAN has a great deal of utility that oftentimes goes overlooked. The powerful knockback you get when using it at close range can send foes flying off the level or into obstacles. It can also force them off an objective, buying you and your team valuable time that could be the difference between winning and losing a match. And the boost to your jumps can get you into areas you wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach. Overall a damn solid and versatile weapon. The likes of which I wish the Scout had more of.

The Winger

This might be a controversial one. Honestly, I find it overused at the best of times. But I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a great weapon. Offering extra damage, and an improved jump height, in exchange for a smaller clip and slower fire rate the Winger, much like the FAN, is a weapon whose versatility is often overlooked by most players. Many players use it only for that extra damage and not the jump height boost.

A few well-placed jumps and here I am!

A few well-placed jumps and here I am!

This allows you to get to places that your foes aren’t expecting. As well as dance around them firing off a steady stream of damage as you go. Whilst the Scout lacks HP its speed and jump height can make up for that, allowing you to (hypothetically) dodge damage if you are skilled enough. In combat, I feel it works less as an opener and more as a finisher. So, switch to it when your primary is running low to end any close-range engagements.


Wrap Assassin

The Wrap Assassin is a ranged weapon in all but the loadout slot. The reason you use this is for the projectile. Throw that out before closing the gap and let the bleeding damage soften your target up. Or force a Medic to fire their uber prematurely. And as far as projectile weapons go this is a great one. The projectile does decent damage, with a little splash damage thrown in (though the splash doesn’t cause bleeding on the other targets).

Merry Christmas ya filthy animal!

Merry Christmas ya filthy animal!

Plus, unlike the Flying Gulioteen, you still have a bat to do damage whilst you wait for it to charge up again. Sure, it is weak, but it is a last resort. Your other weapons can do far more damage than the melee damage anyway. So if anyone gets close just switch to your primary and go to town on a weakened foe. As a Scout, you should be avoiding getting into melee like the plague. So treat this like an extra ranged weapon and you’ll do good.

Short Stop

The Short Stop is the closest thing to a long-range weapon (at least as far as primaries are concerned) that the Scout has. It functions as a cross between a shotgun and a pistol. It has some bullet spread, but it is so narrow you can use it on further away targets. This is a great weapon if you are a decent aim. Sure, its effectiveness narrows against moving targets and in close-range Scout vs Scout skirmishes. As such it feels more apt for support and defensive Scouts than purely offensive ones.

Nothing stops the Short Stop!

Nothing stops the Short Stop!

However, it sports a small clip size and does less damage per shot than the other primary weapons. And its alternate fire is probably the worst and most baffling in the game. When you right-click you will shove your target. Pushing them back as though they were hit with a weak airblast and dealing 1hp of damage. Why? Because I suppose it needed some kind of gimmick. Back when you got buffs for using certain weapon sets you used to get an extra 25hp from having it, the Mad Milk, Milkman, and the Holy Mackerel equipped. Something I wish was still in the game. But as a whole, it is a solid option. Even if that alt-fire is kind of bad and it needs a buff.

Soda Popper

The Soda Popper is a strange weapon. Feeling simultaneously like an upgrade of the Force-A-Nature and a downgrade of it. On the one hand, it doesn’t suffer the non-existent damage penalty that the FAN does; though it only does as much damage per shot as the Scattergun. Plus the Hype boost allows you to navigate around the map far easier than with the FAN; when fully charged it will give you eight jumps, and the charge can be gained from all damage you deal. So you can fire off some shots from your pistol at range to help get a head start on building the charge.

I've really warmed to the Soda Popper since starting this Tier List.

I’ve really warmed to the Soda Popper since starting this Tier List.

On the other hand, you are losing the knockback and damage of the FAN. And given that you can only gain the Hype charge by doing damage you won’t be able to use it during setup. So you can’t exactly set up ambushes like you can with the FAN. For Scout players with good reflexes and who can dance around their target, this weapon is a fantastic option. Allowing you to almost fly around them. For those who lack that level of skill the extra jumps really aren’t worth it.


Holy Mackerel

“But Chris!” I hear you cry, “I thought you said you weren’t going to include weapon skins in this list!”. And I did. However, the reason why I am including the Holy Mackerel here is because of a strange quirk that gives it an edge over its stock alternative. At a glance, it is just a bat with a different model. It has the same hit rate, same range, and same speed. The only difference is that the kill feed will have FISH KILL when you kill someone with it.

It might not smell good, but it is weirdly useful!

It might not smell good, but it is weirdly useful!

However, it is that kill feed notification which makes it a decent spy-checking weapon. When you strike a Spy using the Dead Ringer you can check the notification feed to see if that strike killed them, or merely triggered the effects of the Dead Ringer. Okay, it isn’t a revolution in spy-checking but it does the job! Plus the novelty factor of the weapon and FISH KILL notification make it slightly better than the stock bat in my opinion.

Mad Milk

The Mad Milk was the other weapon added as part of the Special Delivery set. And of all the weapons from that set, this is the one I still see getting used the most. And it is understandable why; throwing this weapon at a target will coat them in milk and restore your and your ally’s health the more that you damage the target. Plus it can be used to extinguish the fire on yourself and your fellow players. And it can coat disguised and invisible spies too!

Got (Mad) Milk?

Got (Mad) Milk?

It is a versatile weapon. Able to achieve much with few downsides. Hence why I included it at this position in my Team Fortress 2 Scout Weapon Tier List. I do wish however it could be rebalanced to try and encourage Scouts to use it to support their team more than a means of saving themselves from a Pyro but hey-ho! If you are willing to put up with being a less killy and more supportive Scout this is a decent option.

Fan Of War

The Fan Of War (or FOW) is a weapon that is both incredibly situational, and yet almost an auto-include depending on the style of Scout you play. When you strike a target with the FOW it will put a Marked For Death debuff on them, making any damage done to them be boosted to mini-crits. Be that by you or your allies. This can allow you to help take down some high-priority targets even if you might not live long enough to do the deed yourself.

I'm a big fan of the fan-oh wait...

I’m a big fan of the fan-oh wait…

The downside is that you are trading the ability to do damage with it for helping your allies do damage. It is one of the weakest melee weapons in the game. And the boost that allows it to do critical damage when normally it would mini-crit does not make up for that. If you are smart you can just swap to another weapon and make good on this debuff. Chances are you’ll die a lot using it. But if you want to be a team player that sometimes is the sacrifice you need to make.

Bonk! Atomic Punch

Bonk! Atomic Punch is one of two consumable items that the Scout has access to. Added in the Scout’s class update, this item gives you immunity to all enemy damage for a limited time. Allowing you a chance to scout out enemy positions, get behind enemy lines, and possibly even make Demomen trigger their well-placed sticky traps and waste that damage on you. Plus, if you time it well, you can kill off any burning or bleeding damage you were taking.

Warning! Bonk is highly addictive!

Warning! Bonk is highly addictive!

When used well, you can give your allies forewarning of upcoming threats and break enemy defensive plans. When used best, you can sneak behind your enemy lines and stall their advance as more and more of them pull back to take you down. Or simply cap a control point as soon as it becomes available. You are still susceptible to knockback and can be easily pinned by Sentry fire. And the slowdown you get after using it can all but guarantee you’ll get killed the moment it runs out. But, if you want to be a bullet sponge or ninja Scout this is the best way in doing it.


The Candycane is one of a number of novelty weapons in the Scout’s arsenal which is oddly useful. Far more so than I feel that many players give it credit for. The Candycane is a melee weapon which makes your enemy drop a small health kit upon death. But having it in your inventory makes you more vulnerable to explosive damage. It is almost a side grade in some regards. Especially when you bear in mind you don’t need to kill with this weapon to get the small health kit to drop.

Halfway through the Team Fortress 2 Scout Weapon Tier List with a half-decent weapon.

Halfway through the Team Fortress 2 Scout Weapon Tier List with a half-decent weapon.

You just have it in your inventory when you do. So if you get that last shot in you can give your allies a quick pick-me-up in the heat of battle. In a way that is arguably better than even the Medic can do. Sure, you become more vulnerable to explosive damage. But being a Scout most explosive damage can one-shot you anyway! If you are playing more defensively and at range then this isn’t a problem. It is a perfectly above-average weapon. And one I feel is underrated all things considered.

Flying Guillotine

The Flying Guillotine is almost like the mirror opposite of the Mad Milk; offering direct damage followed by bleeding for about eight seconds. If you can land a hit it is a reliable amount of damage; doing more than the Wrap Assassin both in terms of initial damage and bleed damage. A good way to soften up your foes before you head in to take them down. Plus it has a far faster charge than the Wrap Assassin. Meaning you can do a steady stream of damage at far distances.

In raw damage terms, this weapon can be devastating.

In raw damage terms, this weapon can be devastating.

Much like the Mad Milk once you use it it is gone. And you will need to either resupply or wait till it recharges. As such you are trading reliable damage from the pistols and the extra survivability that the Mad Milk gives for a chance of doing higher levels of damage. How worth that trade-off is for you will depend on your own level of skill. If you can reliably land a shot with it it is fantastic, if not, it is a waste of time. 


Baseball Bat

Next on my Team Fortress 2 Scout Weapon Tier List is, well, the Baseball Bat. It is a metal Baseball Bat. That is it. It is the stock melee option. As expected the Scout has a faster hit rate with his stock melee weapon. So even if you miss you can still get another hit in sooner or later, probably. Honestly, Scouts should avoid getting into melee combat at the best of times.

It's a bat.

It’s a bat.

Given your low hp, it feels like you’re just asking for trouble doing so. And seeing as most of your primary weapons can cover you when you are that close it feels like playing a dangerous game switching to a melee option. Still, at least if you are going to get into melee it is nice to know that the Baseball Bat has no real downsides.


The Crit-a-Cola is the second consumable secondary the Scout has access to. This one grants mini-crits for a limited time. At the expense of giving you a Marked for Death debuff. Essentially making the Scout more of a glass cannon than he was before. This weapon grants you a decent boost to damage on all your other weapons at the expense of being vulnerable to damage inflicted upon you. And if you happen to be carrying the Sandman at the same time it feels like even a stiff breeze could take you down.

Crit-a-Cola will turn you into a glass cannon.

Crit-a-Cola will turn you into a glass cannon.

It is a hell of a gamble. And one that can often not be worth it due to just how vulnerable you can be using it. How much you get out of it depends on your skill. If you are good and can get behind enemy lines, find a good place to camp, and are quick enough, you can take down most classes before they know what is going on. And with that possibly kill the team’s momentum. If you are bad you’ll die in one hit. Either or really!


It’s the stock Pistol. It is a perfectly fine option to take. Giving you a reliable amount of damage with a decent fire rate and accuracy. You don’t need to learn the nuances of it to get the best of it. Just point and shoot. It is a no-thrills weapon that deserves to be slap bang at this point of this Team Fortress 2 Scout Weapon Tier List. Because, well, it is neither terrible nor commendable.

Both the Scout and Engineer use the same type of pistol, though with slightly different stats.

Both the Scout and Engineer use the same type of pistol, though with slightly different stats.

Personally, I feel that just because you might have access to other secondary weapons and pistols that do more damage or what have you it doesn’t mean you should leave this one behind. If you get into a pistol fight you will have more ammo and a more bankable rate of fire. And given its accuracy, it can eat away at an unguarded Sentry decently. Is it the best weapon on the list? Goodness no! Is it the worst? Well, no. But don’t count the pistol out. #JusticeforScoutpistol!

Prettyboy Pocket

The third (well, technically fourth) pistol in the Scout’s arsenal and arguably the lamest. The big selling point with the Prettyboy Pocket is that it grants HP for each hit you hand on your target, and has a faster rate of fire than the other pistols. Finally giving the Scout something resembling a machine gun! However, this comes at a smaller clip which, given the faster fire rate you can bleed through ammo in no time at all.

The Pretty Boy Pocket isn't bad, it just isn't good.

The Pretty Boy Pocket isn’t bad, it just isn’t good.

Don’t get me wrong, as a last resort sidearm, it does a great job! But, well, all too often it seems to be used as a pseudo-primary weapon. One of the things I find kind of baffling about most modern Scout players is just how reliant they are on this one. Especially in close-quarters fights with other Scouts. Sure, if you can land a hit you’ll get HP back. But all they need is a good couple blasts with the Scattergun and you are done. A fine weapon in and of itself. But there are better ways to restore health as a Scout.

Baby Face’s Blaster

Similar to the Soda Popper the Baby Face’s Blaster is a weapon that is designed to boost the movement of the person using it. Much like the Soda Popper, this weapon gains charge the more damage you do; and you can use your other weapons to boost the charge. The higher that charge the faster you will go. However, taking damage and jumping will reduce it. Unlike the Soda Popper, the charge is always active. Sure, you start off slower than your average Scout, but with a full charge, you will outrun almost everything in the game.

Baby Face's Blaster is fine until you get hit.

Baby Face’s Blaster is fine until you get hit.

It is a weapon designed to buff horizontal movement rather than vertical movement. So for players with good reflexes or who are playing CTF maps, this can be a deceptively useful weapon. However, the rate at which you can lose that speed boost can leave you terribly vulnerable at the best of times. And the base stats really aren’t all that impressive. The Baby Face’s Blaster is such a situational weapon it is hard to justify using it even at the best of times.


The Sun-on-a-Stick is a promo weapon added as part of a cross-promotion with the game Rift. Offering 25% fire resistance when equipped and 100% Crits on burning targets (something that not even the Pyro’s Axtinguisher does anymore for no good reason!). All of this comes with lower base damage and no other negatives! This weapon can make you a Pyro’s best friend. Or not, seeing as they will do slightly less damage to you and you can steal their kills.

Is this the ugliest weapon in Team Fortress 2?

Is this the ugliest weapon in Team Fortress 2?

Regretfully the Sun-on-a-stick is an incredibly situational weapon. It is great when you are playing alongside teams with a number of pyros are you can then finish off any fleeing targets before they can get a heal. And with that damage resistance, you can survive a little longer than you otherwise would. Even helping with after-burn damage. But the low base damage and need to be in melee range to get the best of it make it a hard sell most of the time.



And so we get into the tail end of this list with the Atomizer. A weapon that I feel is better as a utility than a weapon in its own right. The Atomizer is a melee weapon that, when deployed, grants the player an extra jump and mini-crits whilst they are airborne. This means that you can now get a triple jump and should (in theory) be able to deal a healthy amount of damage on your target. In practice? Not so much.

I suppose it is still better than when you lost health for that extra jump.

I suppose it is still better than when you lost health for that extra jump.

There are two major downsides to this weapon. The first is that it deals 15% less damage than the stock baseball bat. And that it takes 50% extra time to get the weapon out. So you can’t rely on it to make quick-fire damage. And you will do less damage overall. The mini-crit damage is 40 which is only slightly above the base damage of the stock Baseball Bat. It is a fine item to use to get to harder-to-reach areas. But honestly, the Winger has more versatility, and a fully charged Soda Popper is better still.

Boston Basher

Well, good news and bad news. The good news is that the Boston Basher is not the worst melee weapon in this Team Fortress 2 Scout Weapon Tier List. The bad news is that it might as well be. The big gimmick with this one is that hitting your target will deal 8 seconds of additional bleed damage in addition to the initial damage you do from hitting them. Potentially shattering your target in no time at all. And even if you die the bleed damage will give your target something to remember you by.

Don't hit yourself, idiot!

Don’t hit yourself, idiot!

The downside? If you miss you end up hitting yourself and inflicting that bleeding damage on yourself. Sure, this can be exploited to boost a medic’s uber charge rate, but outside of this? Well, you are turning a last-resort weapon into a hell of a liability. You are best off using it as an opener against unsuspecting targets. Sneak up behind them, smack them, and then finish them off with your main weapon. Outside of this I really do not feel the risk is worth the reward.

Back Scatter

The Back Scatter. Well, I will admit, since using it more during my research for this Team Fortress 2 Scout Weapon Tier List I have warmed to it far more over time. But even then, yikes! The Back Scatter is a Scatter Gun which is less accurate and has fewer shots than the base version but can deal mini-crit damage on a target when you shoot them in the back. On paper, this is a weapon that rewards Scouts who can manoeuvre around their targets and get behind enemy lines to attack them from behind. In practice? Again, yikes!!

What an odd shape.

What an odd shape.

In order to get this one to work you practically need to play like a Spy to get the best out of it. Or more accurately like a Pyro with the Backburner. But given how hitboxes can lag you can strike a target with a good clip’s worth of shots and only have a couple of them register as mini-crits. Granted, you don’t need to be close up to them to do the damage. But to do the most damage you need to be so close you might as well switch to melee for what it is worth. If it were a little more accurate, had a faster fire rate, or even did crits instead of mini-crits it would be far further up the list. Here and now? Every other primary weapon is better.


The Sandman

Oh, look how they’ve massacred my boy! I will be blunt dear reader, The Sandman was once my favourite Scout weapon. Even with the initial nerfs it still felt like an auto-include. But now? Never! Sure, once upon a time it was stupidly overpowered. But now it feels so weak there is next to no point in using it at all. Even to the point even having it in your loadout is an active hindrance. So, what does it do? It is a bat which, like the Wrap Assassin, can launch a projectile. Said projectile does more initial damage than the Wrap Assassin and can slow down the target for a few seconds. The duration of this slowdown depends on the distance between you and the target. The duration of the slowdown is longer the further away it is. 

The souls of a million Scouts yell in pain over this one.

The souls of a million Scouts yell in pain over this one.

This means that in order to get the best out of it you need to be so far away from your potential target that you won’t get the benefit of the slowdown. And bear in mind that the Scout is the fastest class in the game so is little need to slow anyone down as you already outrun them. And all of this comes at 15 fewer HP than your base total. Which makes you especially vulnerable to just about everything.

Maybe if they swapped the slowdown for a mark-of-death effect it would be better. Or swapped out the health debuff for something less painful it wouldn’t be such trash. But here and now it is the worst weapon in the Scout’s arsenal. Honestly, I could write an entire article about how bad the Sandman is, and honestly almost did for this slot in the Team Fortress 2 Scout Weapon Tier List. But suffice it to say, I hate it. And I think it is probably the worst weapon in the game.

And so concludes this Team Fortress 2 Scout Weapon Tier List. Do you agree with the list? Do you think I’m wrong? Let me know what your favourites are in the comments down below. For more guides, reviews, and gaming news updates follow KeenGamer on Twitter. Go on, it’s free!

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