Team Fortress 2’s Halloween event isn’t anything new

Team Fortress 2's annual Scream Fortress 2 event is not getting any new features this year, but still promises some much needed changes to the current game.

Team Fortress 2's Halloween event isn't anything new
Team Fortress 2, a game recognized by most for its oddball cast of nine classes, a strange obsession with head wear, and an egotistical wizard determined to kill his roommate and his friends, will be hosting its annual "Scream Fortress" event in the coming weeks.

Unfortunately, Valve has announced that there will not be any new boss or game mode added to this update. That being said, there is a slew of changes and updates that will be added to the game to make the experience overall much more enjoyable.

First comes the anticipated Pyro update that was decided at the end of the "Pyro vs. Heavy" update that introduced Competitive mode earlier this year. No details have been shared on what changes will be made to the Pyro specifically, but we can hope that some of the community's ideas were considered.

Speaking of Competitive mode, there will also be some improvements to it with this update. Still no details to share on this, but only time will tell of the changes are going to be beneficial in the long run.

There will be a Halloween themed update, that should be worth mentioning. The most we will get from the update is a new campaign, community maps with missions, more cosmetics, a new taunt, and a new cosmetics case to be purchased in the Mann-Co. store.

If you feel like playing during the Halloween "Scream Fortress," the update will bring back all previous "Scream Fortress" events to be played again, for a limited time.

To stay up to date on this event, check out the official Team Fortress blog.

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