Team Fortress 2 Developers Respond to #savetf2

The internet has banded together for #savetf2 and now the petition has been answered by the developers themselves. Team Fortress 2 has maintained a steady playerbase even after nearly 15 years after it's release, but the ongoing bot problems along with the lack of updates pose a huge threat in the long run.

Team Fortress 2 Developers Respond to #savetf2The developers have finally responded to #savetf2, a movement organized by the content creators of the game. Savetf2 was formed in order to bring light to the issues that haunt Team Fortress 2. Now that the official twitter account for the game has noted savetf2, fans rejoice and hope for the best regarding the game. Will the movement bring a beloved game back to the spotlight?

Team Fortress 2, more commonly known as TF2, is a long-running and well-known videogame released way back in 2007. The community is very much still alive even topping Halo Infinite in concurrent player counts. Even though the game has not received a major update in years, the game remains alive. Most see it as a testament to how TF2 is a timeless classic, and how iconic the characters have become. Even without having played TF2 you may have already seen a short clip or 2 featuring it’s characters.

Aside from the lack of any big updates there has been a bigger problem plaguing the game, bots. Look at a YouTube video or two talking about the game today and you are bound to see somebody talk about the bot problem. In short, there are bots who join lobbies in game that choose the sniper class, and with them being bots they have perfect aim and can instantly take down players left right and center. This can be infuriating to both play with and play against, as the bots steal your kills and kill you too.

Sniper bots in a lobby

Sniper bots in a lobby

Hence why the community has been begging Valve for changes ever since the bots showed up in late 2019. Ever since, valve has largely gone quiet about the issue, until now. The internet has banded together for #savetf2, a movement to finally make Valve do something about the issues. The hashtag got viral ever since it was first sent out. Multiple content creators covered the topic and are doing their best to spread the news.

And now, their hard work has paid off. The official twitter account for Team Fortress 2 has acknowledged the issue in a tweet. With the tweet bringing joy to the fans, even giving confirmation that they will work on the problems. There has been no further tweet or news regarding the topic but the response of the dev team is good news enough for many.

Aside from the tweet, there hasn’t been any patch notes or updates to the game itself as of now. But if the tweet is anything to go by, the future shows promise. Hopefully, the removal of bots won’t be the only change the game sees. TF2 is a game that stood the test of time and as such deserves much more love. #savetf2 shows how the internet can band together for a change, and the response should be an example of how to listen to your community.

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