Das Tal Giveaway

One day, two guys decided to fix some of the problems they see in MMORPG’s. What happened after that? Well, they ended up creating an awesome mix of MMORPG and Battle Arena genres. The name of the mix is Das Tal. Das Tal is a sandbox survival arena set in an explorable MMORPG world. We just happen to have a box of alpha keys for the game. You can win one by entering the giveaway in the article below.


Das Tal Giveaway
Das Tal is a new take on sandbox MMORPGs. The game makes the genre fun for PvP fans by outlawing pay-to-win, favoring active gameplay over grinding, and rewarding skill over equipped items. All this takes place in customizable game worlds that are designed to be compatible with both hardcore players and those with busy schedules alike.

Das Tal is the world’s first Open World Battle Arena. A term settled by Fairytale Distillery after talking with members of the game’s community. This sandbox MMORPG takes the fast-paced and team-oriented combat of a Battle Arena game and throws it into an explorable Open World. The result is a game where players participate in easily accessible PvP, while still exploring an open environment, building settlements and taking part in sieges and economic warfare.

Even though the game is in the Alpha stage, Fairytale Distillery has an ongoing contest. The developers offer you cool prizes. The contest is opened to any in-game clan. More info can be found here. Also, you can check out our interview with the developers here.

Don’t hesitate, enter the giveaway and play Das Tal in the upcoming Alpha test starting July 15th. And even half a year ago the game was already hilarious.

Das Tal Giveaway 

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