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Update 1.1 for The Exiled extends free trail period

Since the Early Access launch, the developers have been listening to players' feedback and today they are launching the first major update of the game. Launched in Early Access a month ago, The E...

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The Exiled Preview

The Exiled, by Fairytale Distillery, is a game that's all about PVP. Grab a few friends, explore the valley and rise to the top. It's dog eat dog and only the very toughest will survive. But does The ...

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The Exiled Giveaway – 300 keys!

Win 300 keys for the final alpha of The Exiled starting December 1st! It is the world’s first Open World Survival Arena - which brings together MOBA tactics and Sandbox MMO strategy. Do you like PvP? ...

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Das Tal Giveaway

One day, two guys decided to fix some of the problems they see in MMORPG’s. What happened after that? Well, they ended up creating an awesome mix of MMORPG and Battle Arena genres. The name of the mix...

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Das Tal – Interview

Das Tal is an indie hardcore pvp game and it would be a pity not to ask developers at Fairytale Distillery few questions about the game and the studio itself. Das Tal is a MMORPG set in a sandbox worl...

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Das Tal – review of the constant PvP mayhem

Review on the new hardcore pvp game Das Tal - currently in alpha testing Hi there and welcome to the world of Das Tal and be prepared to slice your enemies with scythe, pierce them with your arrows, b...

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Das Tal – In-depth preview

We are playing Das Tal and this indie project deserves an in-depth preview. Watch the video and later on we will publish also a written preview. I was playing Das Tal during the weekend and also sever...

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Das Tal – 4 hours of gameplay

If you like mmo full loot sandbox focused on pvp then this could be for you. Unfortunately the video is in Czech but you still can get nice gameplay to see how the game works and how does it look like...

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Das Tal – new greenlit sandbox mmorpg

Das Tal - new greenlit sandbox mmorpg. Do you know about this open PvP, full loot, sandbox game in development? No? Then you should. The game was greenlit on Steam and you can buy and support the deve...

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