Das Tal – In-depth preview

We are playing Das Tal and this indie project deserves an in-depth preview. Watch the video and later on we will publish also a written preview.

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I was playing Das Tal during the weekend and also several hours yesterday. You can see my previous 4 hour long gameplay video here but it's in Czech language. 

However you can watch another short Let's play posted directly below

Das Tal Gameplay - Kittens sieged by Futilez

and of course the main preview where I am talking about the mechanics, features, activities, skills, equipment, sieges, fights, graphics and everything you need to know is here:

Das Tal Commented Gameplay and In-depth preview

As I said KeenGamer will publish soon also written preview for all of you who can't or don't want to watch the whole hour of gameplay. But all the activities and actions are commented so I really recommend it.

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