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Odyssey review

Advertised as the next generation science game, Odyssey is a new innovative indie game that puts a new meaning to the puzzle video game genre. But is it a defining leap into new territory or does the game fall under its own ambition?

Odyssey Review


Developed and published by The Young Socratics, Odyssey is a new puzzle adventure game on Steam. Odyssey is a game about navigating through numerous puzzles in search of a 13 year old girl called Kai and her family who are trapped and awaiting rescue. Telling most of the story through Kai's journals, is Odyssey a game worth experiencing or is it just another rushed indie game with no innovation?

You can buy Odyssey on Steam for £10.99.


Odyssey plays like numerous other games in its genre. You play as an unnamed character as you explore and navigate your way around the islands to locate Kai and her family. During your exploration, you will be tasked with solving numerous puzzles in order to make it to the next area. The puzzles are well designed for all ages and each one seems unique, making you use your brain in a different way. In order to solve the puzzles, you will collect extracts from Kai's journal which provide clues on how to complete the puzzle without giving too much away. Throughout my many hours of playing the game, it always surprised me with new types of puzzles and gameplay elements that added to my overall experience. Odyssey is designed to be very educational and I learnt a lot about physics while playing it.

Odyssey review: puzzle
During the game, you will collect items that will also help you to get to the next area such as an axe to chop through wood. Personally I think that this system could be better designed as you have to open the inventory and drag an item whenever you want to use it. It would be nice to get hotkeys to speed up the process.

Odyssey review: inventory system
The movement system is what you would expect and nothing special. You navigate the island and move between puzzles by walking and climbing ladders. Due to the game being first person, there isn't many animations for the player but the animations there are seem rushed and out of place.


The story follows an unnamed character as they venture onto an island in order to save a 13 year old girl called Kai and her family who are hiding and waiting to be rescued. In order to protect themselves, they have set up many puzzles over the islands that you will have to solve in order to find them.

Odyssey review: Kai's journal
The story in Odyssey is mainly told through Kai's journals. You will read about what she and her family got up to on the island and also about their troubles. Kai's journal entries also give you vital information needed to complete some of the many puzzles in the game. Odyssey contains a lot of reading if you want to learn the full story so if you are not into reading then the game is not for you. The narrative is well written and I wanted to find more journal entries to find out what happenned to the family next.

Visuals and sound

For an Indie title, Odyssey is visually attracting with its own unique art style. From forest and beaches to underground caverns and old ruins, you will come across many different environments that all look beautiful in their own way and add to the feeling of the game.

Odyssey review: environment
The music in the game is calm and helps to build the atmosphere that the developers wanted to create. However it does get repetitive after a while. There isn't much voice acting but what there is is done alright but there is little emotion in the voices.


Odyssey is not a long game but it will take a few hours to complete. However, for its low price and the fact that it was developed by a small studio on a low budget, the length of the game seems fine and you won't feel like the game wasn't long enough after you finish. The game doesn't have much replayability as after you have finished the game and solved all the puzzles, going through it again would feel repetitive. Nonetheless, the game feels good value for money.


To conclude my review, Odyssey is a sold addition to the puzzle adventure video game genre that provides an enjoyable but challenging and educational experience. The visuals and music are beautiful and help to add to the calm atmosphere that the developers wanted to create. The gameplay is fun with many unique puzzles to solve however gameplay parts like the inventory system and some of the animations seem rushed and not well designed. I would recommend Odyssey to people who like puzzle games or who want to learn more about physics and science. I would not recommend the game to people who don't like reading as their is a lot of reading featured in the game to tell the story.
+ Well designed unique puzzles – Inventory system takes too long to use
+ Beautiful visuals and environments – Some of the animations seem rushed
+ Educational and provides a challenge
– Not much replayability
+ Music helps develop the mood
+ Narrative is well written
+ Good value for money

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