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Mimpi – Review

A surreal platformer that follows the journey of a small dog as he attempts to discover the whereabouts of his owner. Run, Jump, and solve puzzles to advance through a dream world unlike any other!

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    Mimpi is a platformer/puzzle solving game for iOS, Android, and even Steam users. It was developed by Silicon Jelly and published by Crescent Moon Games. Now, I don't usually indulge too much into mobile games, but I found myself loving this one. Mimpi focuses on basic platforming, but mixes it up with some interesting problem solving and environment manipulation. It is the player's goal to help this little dog progress through a series of 7 levels, each possessing a different theme and gameplay quirk. This game offers some pretty solid graphical intrigue, having a very unique, cute, yet trippy style, and some pretty solid, physics-based problem solving.

The Story

    The story of Mimpi is not really fleshed out all that much, it is a mobile game after all. From the start of the game, Mimpi the dog is sitting in his house when all of a sudden he sees his owner leaving through the front door. The player is prompted to have Mimpi follow him. That is when the game starts. The plain of existence that was once reality has shifted to something far more alien and dream-like. You (Mimpi) have no idea what is going on, but you know what must be done: find the owner.

The Gameplay

    The gameplay is, as I was saying before, a combination of some pretty essential, and obligatory, running, jumping, and, of course, using timing to one's advantage. One aspect of this game's platforming that I found to be pretty cool was the manipulation of objects found throughout the levels. 

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    You, as the player, not only are controlling "Mimpi" himself, but also  and array of clouds, insects, levers, and gears that you touch and drag with your free hand. Basically, you are tasked with placing things in a certain order to aid Mimpi in his progression. Sometimes this will involve a bit of heart-pounding timing, but all-in-all a cool mechanic. At times, though, I would have trouble manipulating both Mimpi and some clouds. I would find myself not being able to move a cloud without also moving Mimpi. In order to move objects the player mus drag and drop them with his/her finger. Sometimes the move keys would collide with the clouds and that can be a little annoying. Steam players will have a much easier time with this aspect of the game. I thought the jumping around would become tiring, especially with the move keys sometimes not being responsive. This game does not only place Mimpi on land, but in water as well. This puts the player in a much more vulnerable situation, having to focus on both various obstacles and touching anything at all, for Mimpi is protected by an easily popped bubble shield during this stage.

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    Across each stage you are charged with solving various puzzles, each either involving walking around and thinking for a while, or just making a quick decision and learning from your mistakes. Luckily the player is given many checkpoints throughout, so the frustration of dying often is reduced. This game also has a set of various collectibles hidden across each level. Light bulbs will give the player a hint, giving them an idea of what they should do next. Each bulb only offers a piece to the puzzle, however, letting the player either solve it alone, or collect more light bulbs to figure it out. There is a pay-your-way aspect about this part of the game, for the player is given the option to purchase light bulbs for an easy way through each puzzle. Dog bones are another item to collect. They have no real value in game, and are merely a reason to replay each level in order to collect them all. There are usually about 7 or 9 hidden in each level.

The Cost    

    Mimpi is not that costly a game at all. It is free on iOS and Android, but only for a limited time. On Steam, Mimpi is $4.99. Check it out on Steam Here! So basically, you will end up paying five dollars for it. Unfortunately, as I said before, there is a pay-your-way curve about this game, coaxing the player to spend more than is necessary to progress. The game is addicting, I will admit that much, so the urge to purchase light bulbs in order to beat one, little, annoying puzzle can become quite apparent.


    This game was pretty fun. Though I died a lot…..I mean A LOT. I came to the understanding that all games work like that. You die, you learn, or you die again and then learn. Mimpi brings back some platforming that felt very reminiscent of older titles like Mario or Sonic The Hedgehog. I am aware that there have been plenty of other platformer titles in recent years that could be compared to those as well, but something about the art style and camera angles reminded me of the classics, except with a modern spin. So, after all that I have played, I came to the conclusion that I like this game, and I would recommend that you pick it up while it's still free. It's a fun little way to pass the time when you want something a bit more involved than games like Candy Crush. 

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