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The Bug Butcher – Review

Set out to exterminate the insectoid aliens threatening the human race! Become Harry, a space exterminator, but better known as The Bug Butcher! Shoot, dodge, and scramble your way through waves upon waves of ugly aliens looking to be butch...

9.7 Amazing
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Star Wars: Battlefront – DLC Expectations

The Star Wars: Battlefront DLC is just around the corner. For those who are actually planning on buying it, it looks like there will be quite a bit in store! With new weapons, locations, playable heroes/villains, and equipment, perhaps the ...

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Ascender – Review (alpha)

Embark on a quest to the city of Goa, the world below! Assume the role Sky, a small but persistent exploration robot as he traverses a beautiful (and dangerous) world in service to his creator, Professor Toro Hudo. Sky must aid the professo...

8.1 Great
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Mimpi – Review

A surreal platformer that follows the journey of a small dog as he attempts to discover the whereabouts of his owner. Run, Jump, and solve puzzles to advance through a dream world unlike any other!         Mimpi is a pla...

7.9 Good
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King’s Quest – Review

A game series that hasn't seen the light of day in over 10 years! Has the reimagining of this classic title lived up to today's standards? King's Quest is a episodic game series developed by Odd Gentlemen and published by Sierra Entert...

7.5 Good