Life is Feudal: Your Own Review

A medieval, survival life simulation game. Started from the bottom now we have a bow!

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What is it?

Well, as its described in the caption, Life is Feudal: Your Own is survival based, sandbox, medieval life simulation game where you literally start with nothing and have to gather and build your way up to whatever you wish to be. For example, all I I wanted to do was to build myself a bow and use it to hunt something. Instead, I ended up making a sling shot, slaughtering a horse, and preparing myself a grand feast of fried beast. Based on the Life is Feudal mmo, the game is currently available on Steam for $39.99.

Before I get started, I want to be perfectly clear, I don't have very much experience with this genre.

What is good?

Because Life is Feudal starts you off with quite literally nothing, it allows you to build your character anyways you want too. The stat system is less of a progression meter but rather a check and balance system. Each server is going to have a stat cap, how your stats even out in the end will effect your skills, so you have to manage them in a different manner than is traditional to a normal rpg. You can set them so that you don't lose points at all, gain points, or lose points because you want a different stat to reach a certain point so that you are better at a particular skill.

Moving along this same line, there is a skill cap as well. So it is likely that eventually, you will want to specialize in a certain field as maybe a crafters man, or maybe you want to be an assassin so you make sure to maximize your combat skills and nothing else. Me? I was starting off as a huntsman just trying to survive. Making a camp in a forest near a small farm I found, raiding the farm for food and supplies, and feeling quite proud of myself by the end of the stream. 

Each server is different in this regard, as the owner of the server can set the progression of skills, skill caps, the speed at which things grow, etc, so that there will eventually be hundreds of different servers all with different experiences. 

Combine this with smaller aspects such as the ambience of the environment, the fact that everything is quite literally a puzzle that has to be put together, the overall experience is very emergent. 

What is not?

So what about this game did I not like? Or at least, what bothered me enough to feel a need to complain, just a little bit.

Well, part of the beauty of the game is also a downfall. The tedium of the game, having to gather 10 strands of grass, some rocks, some flint and an apple now I have a sling shot (not actual recipe) can not only be frustrating to someone who has no idea how to play but discouraging. 

Another issue is more of the game being new than anything and that is the fact the most of the servers are empty. There are no amazing settlements like you see in the preview video on Steam, and just in general there isnt a huge community just yet. In due time, though. In due time. 

I also had a ton of issues with connectivity to servers, server lag, servers seemingly disappearing, which I can only assume they were deleted, and had to start over several times. Combining this with the fact that I had to slowly learn how to do everything in a limited time made it difficult for me to really create any content for this review that feels like it has of any entertainment value. So what am I trying to say? the game is slooooooow. So what else can I say about a game that is designed in a way that it is supposed to take a very long time to do anything of importance. 

My Final Thoughts!

So how do I feel about this game? The technical and graphical issues a new player may have are not so severe that they can't be ignored and he game is also incredibly niche and not for casual players.  But, once I started to figure things out and make useful tools and actually start accomplishing task, I started to fall in love with this game. So if you are looking at this game and wondering if the price tag is going to be worth your time, you have to ask yourself these questions. Do you want to play a more advanced version of Minecraft? Are you willing to put in the time needed learn, build, and gather your way to greatness? 

Or are just looking for something to waste an hour or two every day or so? Because if you are this second person, this game is not for you, but, who dares wins. What do I mean by that? Try it out, you might fall in love with this game just like I did.

I feel there are some obvious things that can be improved. Over all, I have given this game a 

As usual, I will embed one of the videos that this review is based off of. Don't forget to like and subscribe to the channel. 

And Stay Calm, and Llama On!

Life is Feudal: Your Own Gameplay Preview Pt 1

Life is Feudal: Your own Gameplay preview Pt 2


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