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The Last Dream: Developer’s Edition Game Review

This game is not for FPS lovers. It's a core puzzle based adventure where you need to think a lot on every screen you play. If you like puzzles or legendary Myst then this could be your cup of tea. The Last Dream is a puzzle based, adventur...

9 Amazing
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Dinocide Review

A brief review on the indie game about killing dinosaurs. Dinocide is a nice platformer with 8-bit music of the early era of gaming and would be an excellent addition to your Steam library. Just read the review or watch the video review mad...

7 Good
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The Universim – Video Review

Check our video review with written script of the upcoming new game The Universim. It should bring a lot of needed innovation to create somewhat of a new genre in the gaming world. Is it true? Let's find out! In today's video review Se...

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State of Extinction: Demo Review

A brief overview of the demo gameplay for State of Extinction. We were first to play and stream this new upcoming game in the world so read the article and watch our gameplay! Hello again, Searc here with another game review, although, for ...

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Life is Feudal: Your Own Review

A medieval, survival life simulation game. Started from the bottom now we have a bow! What is it? Well, as its described in the caption, Life is Feudal: Your Own is survival based, sandbox, medieval life simulation game where you literally ...

7.6 Good
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Towers of Doom: New Map First Impressions

A quick video of my first impressions and overview of the new Heroes of the Storm Map: Towers of Doom. > Click here < Disclaimer: This is not an in-depth guide, but a quick overview of the map for quick reference. I'll leave the ...

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Five: Guardians of David – Review

Always wanted to participate in ancient battles and stories depicted in some of our most revered novels? This may be the game to play. What is Five: Guardians of David? Five: Guardians of David is an isometric view, action adventure, hack a...

7.9 Good
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Hard West – Review

A written game review by Searc for the recently released turn-based combat game, Hard West. Don't forget to watch the gameplay videos that the review is based from. What is Hard West? Hard West is a story drive, turned based combat, rpg gam...

8.8 Great
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SkyHill Written Review

Searc here again, with another written review, complete with video game play that can be found right here. What is Skyhill? Skyhill is a comic book style, or graphic art styled, procedurally generated, roguelike game that is set in a post a...

7.7 Good
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Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition Review

A brief review on the re-released, remastered THQ's 2012 Darksiders II. Is it worth the new price tag? Hello again, ladies and gentleman. Wereturn to you with another short review, this time, for Darksiders:Deathinitive Edition, a re-releas...

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Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Review!

A more in depth review was needed to for this amazing game. Check out the experience I had playing Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition and read what my thoughts of the game. What is Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Divinity: Orig...

9.5 Amazing
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Divinity: OS EE Stream!

The Divinity Let's Play Stream continues! The Divinity stream will continue Monday-Wednesday-Fridays at 3:30pm (-7 gmt) (10:30pm utc) through to its completion. If you miss the live streams, you can catch the VODs when they are uploaded to ...

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Brigador – Review

Concise review for the Indie Game title Brigador, written by SearcGaming. Brigador is currently available on steam in early access for $19.99. So keeping with tradition, I will be following the same format as I previously did for previous r...

6.5 Fair
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Cryptark – Review

A brief review for the Indie Game title Cryptark written by SearcGaming. Cryptark is currently available on Steam in early access. What Is Cryptark? Cryptark is a Sci-fi, Roguelike, side-scrolling, robot shooting, explosive action game with...

8 Great