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Blackhole – review of indie 2D platform game

Blackhole - review of indie 2D platform game.

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FiolaSoft Studio made quite an impressive 2D platform game which you can buy on Steam for 14,99€. The game was released February 27th and in just these few days received very good ratings from Steam users and various critics. And what do I think about the game?

Keengamer was able to get one copy from the developers for free which I appreciate.

You can start and play the game in English or Czech language with professional voice-overs. For me personally English version seems better so if you cannot speak Czech then don't worry. The quality is great for both versions. 

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The story is quite simple but for this kind of game more than sufficient. Space ship with its crew tries to close black holes threatening Earth and during one mission the ship crashes into the anomaly. And because you are the only one who is around the wreck and the ship's AI tries to help you, it's up to you to save the rest of your colleagues and maybe Earth?? Of course the story gets more complicated the further you get and you will listen to many stories, recorded memories and other information to find out more about your past and future.

And what should you do to complete the game? It's simple and also difficult as hell, trust me. The game system is easy. You control one character and use few commands to move him around. With just four keys – right, left, down and up (jump). That's practically all. But if you think that it must be simple to control your movements then you are mistaken. Every millimetre counts, every bad step or jump could kill you and you will die A LOT. The maps and created puzzles are not easy to finish. Really.

Because every level is different and you must use the gravity's direction, rotate the map to get to places which are not accessible otherwise. And if you add to all these problems more obstacles like frozen slippery ground, lava, water, plants, lasers and many more you will get very hardcore game. There are also many mechanics which you will discover later. And I must admit that the game was sometimes too difficult for me because I'm not used to play these types of games. Anyway if you like being stuck or angry because you almost had it and then died right before the end it's the perfect title for you :-).

You can see in the video posted below how to pass one difficult moment in level 9 at the beginning. And to find out how to be faster to be able to jump over the water at the left side of the map was impossible for me. Thank God for Youtube :-).


Visualisation and graphics are nicely done and if you take a look at the images around you will get clear idea what to expect. If you are interested how the graphics was created visit the official Developer's blog here. There are many posts which cover also animation, the whole process during the development, critical days and more. I highly recommend it to you.

What I must speak highly of is the audio in general. Music, sounds, dubbing is perfectly done. The studio hired many youtubers to make the voice-overs. However it can occur that sometimes you don't want to hear the AI Auriel again because she talks too much and from time to time the comments are a little bit stupid but it does not diminish the quality. Just check the soundtrack to make your own opinion.

Who should buy the game? Everyone who loves puzzles, platform games, who loves to get angry as hell, who needs to pass the next level or die trying and everyone who simply wants to try something new and old in one package. Or just simply support another indie studio which successfully released the game on Steam and needs to get the investments in time and money back. It's worth it.

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What's more FiolaSoft Studio is releasing patches and add-ons often and works hard to make the game even better. MAC and Linux version of the game will be released during april 2015. XBOX ONE, PS4, PS3 and PS Vita versions are not officially confirmed. But should be out in late 2015. You will get also multiplayer later this year.


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