Bayonetta 2 Review (Switch)

Bayonetta 2 is a declaration to the Demons of Inferno, and the Angels of Paradiso that Bayonetta is here to stay. The second game in the series takes the stylistic action of the first game and turns the dial to 10. The game features new weapons, breathtaking set pieces, and new features that solidify Bayonetta as the Queen!

Bayonetta 2 Review (Switch)


Like a wicked weave to the stomach, Bayonetta 2 has taken my breath away! The game engages fans with over the top action, fluid gameplay, and a story that gives context to the many action sequences you'll experience.  Bayonetta 2 might be a port from the Wii U, but this powerhouse does everything the original does and runs at almost perfect 60 frames per seconds. There are a couple of areas that Platinum Games could have improved upon but overall this action game for the Nintendo Switch is an experience that few gamers will forget.

The game can be bought on the official Nintendo website for your regional price.


Bayonetta's Lineage

Bayonetta is at the heart of a 500-year-old war between two warring factions. The Lumen Sages are overseers of the light, while the Umbran Witches are tasked with preserving the dark. The game starts by showing a defeated Baldur and the Right Eye of Light disappearing from the world. These events set the stage for an entity named Aesir to make his return who is revealed to be the original creator of, The Eyes of the World, as well as the Lumen Sages and Umbran Witches.

Bayonetta 2 Review (Switch)


The majority of hack and slash titles are dominated by male characters, that follow specific archetypes.
It's important to realize that Bayonetta sits in a class all by herself and I believe that Platinum Games has created a strong woman that embraces her femininity, and wields it unapologetically. There are moments where the game can fall into clichéd territory, however, this is a part of the genre and I believe that the game will be instrumental in challenging these issue in the genre.


I can assure you that this game is one of the best action experiences available. Bayonetta's ability to transition between unbreakable defense and overwhelming offense is seamless. The character is able to change weapons and items at any time, and with a constant rotation of unique enemies that never feels the same, you are free to experiment to your heart's content.

Bayonetta 2 Review (Switch)

Brains and Beauty

Bayonetta 2's combat can come off as a  simple button masher to newcomers, but there is a level of precision and polish that is required to make the most of the games fighting system. The heroine builds up magical energy by damaging and dodging enemies. Once Bayonetta achieves a certain amount of magical energy she is able to use special attacks that can destroy lesser enemies in a single combo, and deal serious damage to tougher enemies. She is also able to slow down time when dodging opponents and uses "Witch Time" to reposition herself and allow players to strategically plan there next move. The game features a rating system that scores players after every fight, and the longer I played the game I began to realize just how important those scores were to my overall understanding of the game

What are you buying Stranger???

"Halos" the in-game currency and are obtained by defeating opponents. This currency can be used to purchase a number of things essential to your progress. Bayonetta is able to purchase abilities, special items, recover new weapons, purchase bonus costumes, and acquire special items. The game recommends specific items for beginners called "Hot" buys, but other than that the game leaves it up to players to forge there own path.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

They say variety is the spice of life, and I've got to admit that the number of options available to players at any moment is jaw-dropping. One level could have Bayonetta defeating a crowd of enemies on a falling clock tower, while the next level puts her in control of mech that amplifies her powers.The game also includes collectibles that are hidden in chests, as well as secret levels that provide health and magic increases. Bayonetta's arsenal of weapons can only be grown by finding "Angelic Hymns" scattered throughout levels. The game offers many things to keep players entertained and its this commitment that keep it from feeling repetitive. Quick-Time events make a return and are more responsive than the previous game. There's even a training mode that you can practice your combos in during loading screens.

Bayonetta 2 Review (Switch)

Online features

Bayonetta 2 features a mode called "Tag Climax" that allows players to play through short missions. These missions are found on 'Verse Cards" which are obtained by completing the main game. Players go through 6 Verse Cards,  receiving an increasing amount of Halos based upon the difficulty. Players are able to wager Halos against one another. in hopes of achieving a higher rank than there opponents for a big pay off.

Wicked Koopa

During the course of the game, players will be able to unlock characters and costumes. Among these unlockables, the player is able to unlock Nintendo specefic costumes that add abilities based on the game of origin. Bayonetta can summon Bowser during her wicked weave attacks when she wears costumes from Super Mario. Bayonetta is also able to gain the abilities of Samus, Fox McCloud, and Link. Nintendo put an impressive effort into these costumes and the bonus abilities are great homages to some of Nintendo's best games.

Bayonetta 2 Review (Switch)

Control Your Destiny

The control scheme you choose can have a great impact on the way you play. I recommend players utilize the Joy-Cons with a Grip, or the Pro- Controller. These control schemes allow you to have the most control over Bayonetta. Handheld mode and utilizing the Joy-Cons individually aren't bad ways to play, but the prolonged play resulted in my wrists and hands feeling some discomfort.



Bayonetta 2 runs at an almost perfect 60 frames per second at 720p. I hoped that the action might have received an upgrade to 1080p resolution, however, Nintendo has done a great job of reflecting this games distinct art style on the Switch. The environments take advantage of a never-ending color palette. The bright angelic planes of Paradiso showcase beautiful angelic worlds, while, Inferno shows the Switch's capabilities to deliver dynamic dark backgrounds.

It doesn't matter if you're on the go or playing on your home television Bayonetta 2 looks marvelous. During my time with the title, I  found that handheld mode gives a slightly better resolution because of the smaller screen size. Bayonetta looks almost identical on television but I noticed there were some textures, and character models that lost clarity because of a bigger screen.
Bayonetta 2 Review (Switch)

Fly Butterfly Fly

In case I didn't make it clear the game is at its best graphically when played in handheld mode. The smaller screen really puts the 60 fps to work and I never noticed a drop in the framerate. The game never overwhelms you with too many things on screen but you will need to find a comfortable environment in order to overcome the strain that is placed on your arms.


I never associated pop music with intense gunfights but Bayonetta 2 has a funny way of doing things differently. The characters voices are well done, and despite some spotty dialogue, everything flows together.  During combat, the yells of enemies alerted me to incoming attacks as well as high pitched weapon swings.  I began to rely on this audio-cues during battle, and this showed me just how much care the developers placed in the components outside of the gameplay


Bayonetta 2's gameplay outclasses other titles in its genre and shows no signs of stopping. The gameplay is guaranteed to have you playing long after you finish the story. The game's commitment to providing players a challenging experience, while allowing them to control there progression is what makes the game an amazing title. The Nintendo Switch allows fans to experience  Bayonetta 2 on the go, and that alone is a strong reason for anyone to give this title a try!
I wish Platinum Games increased the resolution to 1080p and I found myself scratching my head at some of the risqué moments, however, the game is an experience that deserves your attention. I recommend Bayonetta 2 on the Switch and I can honestly say that it is one of best titles out on the Switch to date.
  • Combat System
  • Varied Gameplay
  • Weapons
  • Out of place dialogue
  • Risque Moments
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