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Is Bayonetta Singing “Fly Me to the Switch?”

Could Bayonetta 2 (and possibly 1) be making its way onto the Switch? If the scant amount of evidence is to be believed, then yes. Based on a tweet and a trend of Wii U ports, the badass witch could be singing "Fly Me to the Switch."

Is Bayonetta Singing "Fly Me to the Switch?"
Platinum Games's Japanese Twitter account made a tweet containing the above image. It shows off Bayonetta in her two looks from 1 and 2. As far as Bayonetta images go, this is rather tame, so why are Bayo-fans getting exciting? The blue and red backgrounds of the two halves could be hinting at a Switch port. How? Because the left and right Joy-Cons on the Switch are blue and red (when they're not just grey). The horizontal split also creates two spaces with similar shapes to the Joy-Cons.

It's not much to go on, certainly, but fans are so hopeful that it's become enough. Nintendo has shown they are willing to port Wii U games over to the Switch, so a move like this isn't without precedent. Is this enough to sound the clarion call for Bayo-fans to go out and buy a Switch? No, but it's nice to dream.

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