Dragon Age: Inquisition – first 5 hours

Dragon Age: Inquisition - first 5 hours.

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Aoife Wilson from Eurogamer spent five hours in the game and you can read his opinion about the game at this link

Five hours is barely enough time to wet your blade, whet your appetite or get a real sense of mastery on the multitude of systems Dragon Age: Inquisition is packing, but it was at least enough time to determine that, despite some unoriginal side quests, its wide open spaces are filled with plenty to see and do. Striking out in pretty much any direction will yield a quest or an interesting ruin to stumble upon, and though the combat seems a touch too functional during early stages, it's not too much to hope that its repetition will be lessened by the introduction of new characters and combat skills – not to mention more worthy adversaries – as the game progresses.

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