New Dragon Age Details Revealed At Gamescom 2020

Gamescom 2020 unveiled a new glimpse of the next Dragon Age game from Bioware through behind the scenes clues regarding setting, story and character. With the various comments from the creative team behind the game, enticing details are being presented to get fans of the series excited for the next instalment.

New Dragon Age Details Revealed At Gamescom 2020 Cover

The next Dragon Age received its first major news update during the Gamescom 2020 stream, alongside various other announcements. Fans of the Bioware series have been eagerly anticipating the next major instalment since Dragon Age Inquisition was first released in 2014. Now, through a behind the scenes glimpse into the thoughts of the creative team behind the game, we have some ideas about their plans for the next instalment. From an exciting new world to explore, to unmet characters, the next instalment has big plans to reinvigorate the franchise.

However, loyal followers of the story can rest assured that this will not be a complete departure from its predecessors. The next Dragon Age promises to star various returning faces and ideas to immerse players in this world once more. 

The World Of The Next Dragon Age

The teaser we were provided shows us but brief glimpses of the intended environments for the next Dragon Age. Stunning concept art and works in progress promise that the world is as dense and lore heavy as ever. According to the game’s creative director Matthew Goldman, the game’s world has a lot of storytelling potential.

The world of Dragon Age really does have it all. It’s got frontier stories, mystery. It’s got hard-boiled detective stories. And, of course, it’s all wrapped up in a kind of fantasy setting.

From the concept art, it seems that this variety is indeed an enriching aspect of the game. Much like with its previous entries, the next Dragon Age will allow for plenty of exploration. From sublime and vast landscapes, to bustling and civilisation rich cities, this fantasy world offers players a lot. Based on the aforementioned comment, it seems players will have a variety of stories to explore within all these areas. The mention of “detective stories” indicates an emphasis on the lore and characters of the world. Whilst the world will be populated with combat encounters, the role-playing and exploration seem crucial to the world’s design.

A whole new land begs to be explored

A whole new land begs to be explored

The Characters And Setting Of Dragon Age

Players of the previous games will be highly familiar with the former settings of Ferelden and Orlais. Whilst both were highly prominent in Dragon Age Inquistion, it seems we can expect something entirely new this time. Fans have speculated for a while where the next game would be set, with no solid answers provided. The prominent theory has been that we would get to explore the magical oligarchy of the Tevinter Imperium. Whilst the location has been crucial to the lore of previous games, it has yet to make a full appearance. As such, it would make a perfect new setting for the next Dragon Age. Furthermore, the setting is drastically different culturally to Ferelden and Orlais, promising players a completely new experience.

Whilst the trailer revealed no specifics regarding the party line-up players can anticipate, some promises were made regarding expectations. According to the narrative director John Epler, there is an emphasis on character stories this time.

The things that you can expect in the next instalment are going to be stories that focus on the people around you, and the friends and family you make.

It seems that this will be a very character driven story, perhaps focusing on a smaller party. Whilst previous entries have usually contained a limited party, the scope of your forces has increased. In Dragon Age Origins, players were a part of the legendary Grey Wardens, harnessing their reputation and abilities. In Dragon Age Inquisition, players led an entire army as the Inquisitor, assembling a brand-new organisation against the rifts. Generally in possession of a party, the intimacy of those groups became somewhat lost in the vastness of your followers.

The Inquisitor led an army against the demon threat

The Inquisitor led an army against the demon threat

A New Type of Hero

However, despite the epic adventure ahead, the lead writer Patrick Weekes has stated that the experience will be somewhat more humbling.

…we want to tell a story of when you don’t have power. What happens when the people in charge aren’t willing to address the issues.

As such, it would make a lot of sense for the game to be focused on a smaller ragtag group. Given what we already know of the Tevinter Imperium, it is a place of great prejudice and tyrannical governing. Players will likely find little support from the world around them, and will instead have to turn towards their closest companions. It is a promising concept, and one that serves to condense the narrative focus rather than stretch it thin.

The world is as complex as it is treacherous

The world is as complex as it is treacherous

A Familiar Dragon Age

That being said, players will still have old threats to contend with from previous games. While the setting may be new, the trailer provided us with hints of the game’s antagonist. The voice actor for Solas, Gareth David-Lloyd, is shown providing some line delivery in the trailer. As such, we can anticipate a return of his character as a leading antagonistic force in the new game. Additionally, hints of the Grey Wardens’ presence is suggested through another actor’s delivery in the behind the scenes clip.

An old ally returns as a new threat

An old ally returns as a new threat

Although the game is still very much just a work in progress, it is exciting nonetheless to hear it is advancing onward. Are you excited to hear more from the new Dragon Age? Bioware is certain to reveal more to us in due time.

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