Weekly News Roundup Issue #65

This is your latest Weekly News Roundup. Every week we gather together last week's most prominent news from right here at KeenGamer for the busier folks out there looking for more bitesize news. This week we take a look at more shakeups at Bioware, one crazy expensive collectors edition, the Final Fantasy VIII Remaster and exciting rumours.
Weekly News Roundup Issue #65

Weekly News Roundup Issue #65

Dragon Age 4 Lead Producer Waves Goodbye to Bioware

Weekly News Roundup Issue #65

Weekly News Roundup Issue #65 – More Bioware talent leaves the studio

Bioware is becoming no stranger to its lead figures suddenly leaving the studio. During Anthem’s development, various lead writers and level designers set off in search of greener pastures. The latest in this long line is Ben Irvin, previously Lead Producer to Anthem and walking away from Dragon Age 4

Microsoft Exclusive Franchises May Arrive on The Switch

Weekly News Roundup Issue #65

Weekly News Roundup Issue #65 – Portable Master Chief anyone?

In the age of the console wars, it’s all too easy to forget the partnership between Microsoft and Nintendo. While console exclusives tend to be jealously guarded by publishers as system sellers, that may soon change. Microsoft may be handing the keys to several of their previous exclusives over to Nintendo, including the likes of Cuphead and Halo. We take a look at how and what to tune into in the near future so you can verify these rumours for yourselves

Final Fantasy VIII Remaster GIFs an Update

Weekly News Roundup Issue #65

Weekly News Roundup Issue #65 – The folk at SquareEnix certainly have a sense of humour

A particular line in the original FFVIII has been regurgitated by the internet. As we know, back in the 90’s videogames weren’t quite as pretty as they are today. So when we have a line like “you’re the best looking guy here” directed at a jumble of pixels, it makes for a great irony GIF. Square Enix has put that GIF to good use.

Destroy All Wallets

Weekly News Roundup Issue #65

Weekly News Roundup Issue #65 – Destroy All Humans will come with a hefty collector’s edition

It has largely flow under the radar but some of our readers may be aware of the incoming remaster of Destroy All Humans. The cult classic has been yearned for, for a long time. The question is – has your yearning for the game been strong enough to part with FAR more than typical asking price for a game? Of course, Destroy All Humans will release as a standard copy. The collector’s edition, though… that’s another story

More Rumours of Sam’s Return in Splinter Cell

Weekly News Roundup Issue #65

Weekly News Roundup Issue #65 – Sam Fisher will return. But when and how?

For years now, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has taunted us with Splinter Cell. Ever since Blacklist, he has sat in interviews and claimed how near and dear he holds the Splinter Cell franchise. He’s talked about reviving the franchise “when the time is right”. So the rumours keep coming and we keep covering them. This time, Yves has spilled a few more beans than usual.

Ion Fury Is a Blast From The Past

Weekly News Roundup Issue #65

Weekly News Roundup Issue #65 – Bombshell kicks ass in Ion Fury!

If you grew up with the likes of the original DOOM games, Shadow Warrior and Duke Nukem, Ion Fury could be your next favourite. This old school style shooter uses the same engine as those golden oldies from the early 90’s. Only it’s the smoothest most beautifully animated rendition of the engine we’ve ever seen. To top it all off, Ion Fury is a blast to play as it leans heavily on the themes of its 3D Realms’ past sweethearts while carving a path of its own. If you’re fan of shooters, you’ll want to check this one out. 


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