Uma Musume on Stage and Other News From Paka Live TV Vol.20

Uma Musume on stage in 2023. It's official. This is one of the many news that have been announced on the broadcast of Paka Live TV Vol.20. Fans of the horse girls' game have been asking for it, and Cygames has listened. The musical version will combine songs and races and will star the actresses who voice the characters in the game.

Uma Musume on Stage and Other News From Paka Live TV Vol 20

As expected, the news of the musical has been the most applauded of this installment of Paka Live. In-depth details about the show will be announced at the end of 2022 and the performance will be in January 2023. So far four characters have been confirmed to be on stage: Daitaku Helios (Yamane Aya), Yamanin Zephyr (Riona Imaizumi), Daiichi Ruby (Karin Isobe) and K.S. Miracle (Hinata Sato). The players may not know all their names, but it will be a matter of time, since they are going to have a lot of importance in the future of Uma Musume.

The story of the play will be made up of four acts that will combine music, racing, drama and comedy in line with what can be enjoyed in the game.

In any case, it is not the only news about Uma Musume. Below, we summarize some of the news that has been revealed.

  • The next Champions Meeting to be held on September 15 will be Virgo and will consist of a 2,000m dirt race.
  • A special 1.5th anniversary story is introduced. It consists of three episodes with new songs, more dresses and a new horse girl. Available from August 24. Some reviews have already appeared in Japan and it has received very good ratings.
  • 1.5th Anniversary Login Bonus. Up to 3,000 Jewels and a Mihono Bourbon SSR (Speed Support Card). Also, every day a free gacha spin.
  • Reroll of inheritance stats in exchange for a payment of 30 TP. It can be done when completing training to try to achieve the stats the player wants.
  • Uma Musume‘s skill cap is increased beyond 1200.
  • More songs on the jukebox, more Hall of Fame entries, more friends to follow.
  • New horse girl: Light Hello, voiced by Kana Ueda. Is part of the new Grand Live story.
  • New gacha available. A 3-star Smart Falcon appears: Twilight Triumph.
  • In addition to Daiichi Ruby and K.S.Miracle, new characters mentioned in the lines about the stage, Aston Machan, voiced by Honoka Inoue, is also introduced. Not least, the MV of the new Smart Falcon song is published.

Other interesting news includes the appearance of Uma Musume in the October 2022 issue of Nylon Japan magazine with a great photoshoot and interviews in 12 pages. In addition, a new Daitaku Helios musical project is announced that will arrive at the end of 2022 and the content of the Winning Live 08 CD is announced. It will contain seven songs and some bonus tracks. Among the included songs will be individual songs of all the girls mentioned in this news, from Daitaku to Smart Falcon and Aston.

Whoever wants to see Paka Live TV Vol.20 in its entirety with its more than 3 hours, including information about Uma Musume on Stage, can do so with the following video.

Source: Uma Musume Pretty Derby Official YouTube Channel

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