Announced New Penalties to Fight Uma Musume Pretty Derby Cheating

Cygames has announced new penalties and ideas to combat Uma Musume Pretty Derby cheating. It is a problem that the game has been suffering from for a long time and that the developers want to solve as soon as possible. To do this, they will suspend the profiles of users who use unauthorized external tools or even share their account with other people.

Announced New Penalties to Fight Uma Musume Pretty Derby Cheating

The goal is to make Uma Musume Pretty Derby, one of the most successful mobile games in Japan these days, to provide a stronger and fairer experience for all players. From the official website, a statement has been published to inform about how they will fight with all the fraud within the game.

The developers say they are going to be much more forceful with account suspensions from now on. They have discovered that there is a lot of cheating in Uma Musume Pretty Derby and they don’t want this to end up destroying the gaming experience for users who don’t use cheats. Due to this, there will be immediate account suspension for all players who are caught cheating.

Two main cheating problems have been mentioned so far. The first is the use of unofficial tools that are meant to make progressing in the game easier. For example, they are tools that allow you to train more easily and effortlessly. Until now, some of these tools were not being blocked, but from now on, the control will be maximum. And if someone creates another illegal tool, Cygames will detect it to block it instantly.

The second issue is the account sharing, which is also prohibited under the terms of use. In the future, it is not ruled out to include other actions not allowed in the list of fraudulent activities that will be grounds for account cancellation.

Uma Musume is one of the most successful transmedia projects in Japan in recent years. It debuted in anime form in 2018 because its game, scheduled for the same date, was delayed several times until it appeared in 2021. Throughout this time, the protagonists of Uma Musume have not stopped adding more and more fans, being now one of the franchises that sells the most related products throughout the year. It could be said that it took over from Love Live, a franchise that was already losing popularity and that left a gap for another brand that could steal the hearts of the Japanese.

The game is available on iOS and Android mobile devices as well as Windows PC through DMM Games. Its gameplay combines training of the leading horse girls, races and all kinds of events, as well as songs. It is a very balanced game that is developed in Unity and has been accompanied not only by the original anime, but also by more anime series and manga, as well as hundreds and hundreds of items for fans.

Source: Uma Musume Pretty Derby Official Website

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