Twin Mirror from DONTNOD Gets Release Date

From the developers behind Life is Strange, Twin Mirror released a new trailer with a solid release date of December 1, 2020. Following in the footsteps of the recent Tell Me Why, DONTNOD's upcoming game is expected to be another thrilling mystery featuring supernatural investigative elements.

Twin Mirror from DONTNOD Gets Release Date Cover

The upcoming narrative-driven story from the Life is Strange and Tell Me Why developer DONTNOD entitled Twin Mirror has finally announced a release date. 

Since its release of Life is Strange, DONTNOD has been noted for its masterful ability to create beautiful stories around realistically represented characters such as the queer Chloe and Max and the Mexican-American brothers Sean and Daniel from Life is Strange 2. The development studio has gained a strong reputation for creating bold and progressive narratives that accurately depict the struggles of real individuals, especially with the final episode of Tell Me Why earlier this month. 

It looks like DONTNOD will keep with its same successful formula and gutwrenching storytelling mechanics. Though Twin Mirror will not release episodically, it will keep with the same rhythm of confronting the past and diving into terrifying mysteries. It also looks like DONTNOD may include a supernatural-like element, much like LiS and Tell Me Why. This ability will surface through the protagonist Sam’s “Mind Palace,” and players must navigate through this mental world and the real one to discover clues and solve the investigation. 

TWIN MIRROR – Release Date Gameplay Trailer

Being made in partnership with Shibuya Productions, one of the companies behind Shenmue 3, this will be DONTNOD’s first time distributing a game with Bandai Namco Entertainment. Twin Mirror is set to release December 1, 2020 for PC (via the Epic Games Store), PS4, and Xbox One. The trailer doesn’t show any details about releasing for next-gen consoles, but perhaps this will change once more details for the Xbox Series X/S and PS5 are released.

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