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Genshin Impact Players Aren't Happy With Resin Update

Genshin Impact Players Aren’t Happy With Resin Update

Following MiHoYo's surveys of Genshin Impact player experience, the developer announced an update to the Resin system that many fans have heavily criticized. Unfortunately, the tweak fails to address the problem with Resin refreshing and fa...

Super Mario Bros. 35 May Already Have Cheaters

Super Mario Bros. 35 May Already Have Cheaters

Super Mario Bros. 35 is showing early signs of cheaters, with hackers able to acquire an impossible amount of gold coins. It's unclear if Nintendo currently has plans to combat the cheating, but it is currently removing YouTube videos that ...

13 sentinels: aegis rim review: the art of non-linear storytelling

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Review: The Art of Non-Linear Storytelling

Masquerading as a simple visual novel hides one of the most groundbreaking stories 2020 has to offer. 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim may not be the upcoming open-world action title we're all waiting patiently for, but it certainly deserves a spot ...

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Starfield Images May Have Leaked

Starfield Images May Have Leaked

Bethesda's upcoming space RPG Starfield may have leaked images via Imgur. Where these images came from is a mystery, but it does pose some interesting questions for the open-world game while the gaming community awaits any information the t...

I Am Dead Releases New Trailer and Release Date

I Am Dead Announces New Trailer and Release Date

I Am Dead, an indie puzzle adventure from publisher Annapurna Interactive, has released a new trailer with a release date of October 8, 2020. I Am Dead will be coming to the Switch and PC via the Epic Games Store and Steam, where it's curre...

Former Skullgirls Devs Form New Studio Future Club

Former Skullgirls Devs Form New Studio Future Club

The former developing artists and programmers that helped put together Skullgirls have established a new studio called Future Club. This news comes in response to the head, Mike Zaimont, lashing out against his now-former employees followin...

twin mirror DONTNOD

Twin Mirror from DONTNOD Gets Release Date

From the developers behind Life is Strange, Twin Mirror released a new trailer with a solid release date of December 1, 2020. Following in the footsteps of the recent Tell Me Why, DONTNOD's upcoming game is expected to be another thrilling ...

hello games no mans sky

Hello Games is Working on Another Huge Game

The developer behind No Man's Sky, Hello Games, is reportedly working on another similar-sized game. But to avoid the disappointment that came out of No Man's Sky's launch, the development studio is keeping most details quiet for the time b...

fall guys season 2 medieval theme

Fall Guys Season 2 Will Add Medieval Mini-Games

Soon, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 1 will end on October 6th. Taking its place shortly after will be Season 2, adding medieval-themed fun in the shape of new costumes and new mini-games that are expected to make the game even more ch...