Toby: The Secret Mine – almost 3 hours of let’s play

We got the opportunity to show you a long let's play video of this new upcoming platformer.

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What to say more? You were able to chat with KnightBroseph during his live stream but if you missed him, no worries. The gameplay is uploaded at our channel and you can still watch his adventure playing Toby which is going to be released October 20th on Steam just for $9.99.

If you wish to get more impressions and see the real game there is no better opportunity because we have the longest let's play video at the moment from all over the web and practically publicly finished the game :-).

We must also thank the developer Lukáš Navrátil who provided us with the key to try his game in advance of its release.


Toby: The Secret Mine Gameplay Walkthrough

KnightBroseph is making more videos so check his Twitter account.

More information about our streaming and schedule is here.

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