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Toby contest

Winners will be emailed and announced October 27th 2015 after 9 p.m. GMT.

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We have 2 more keys. Just write down in the comments below why you should get one of them. Original and interesting comments have higher chance to win. And we will take into account also how many likes (+) your comment gets. So even your friends can help you, don't forget.

(Only comments from registered users will be accepted. We must have a verified email address where to send the game key.)

You can check our review and if you are interested or just stuck in the game watch our complete walkthrough below.

Toby: The Secret Mine Gameplay Walkthrough


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    So we send emails to the five winners an hour ago.



    From the comments below we have chosen PhantomTa2 which was a must for his “short” information on his life :-). And oakwick!



    Congratulations to both of you!!!!!

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    i should win because if I don’t I will do kill myself practicing the old japanese ritual of seppuku with is inserting a sworld through my stomach an then twisting it, because that is the only way I can show the dishonor I would feel if i don’t win. Also i liked LIMBO so you know guys… upvote me plz #saynotoseppuku

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    I should get one because I feel like life owes me a goddamn prize for reparations or something. I may not be black but recently-ish, I herniated 2 discs in my lower back. I went to the GP about it and he referred me for an Emergency Appointment at the local hospital under a specialist. 7 weeks later, on the day of our town’s annual festival, (I live on a side street coming off the main road where the procession comes past, taking about an hour and a half to pass), I fell….landing badly, (I’m disabled so no, I wasn’t p*ssed as a fart).



    This fall hurt me quite badly but I decided against going to the A&E Department thinking, “Well, my Emergency Appointment is coming up, any issues and they’ll catch them”. Good thinking, right? It turned out it was wrong. I also bounced off my daughter’s mountain bike on the way down and gouged a nice chunky line of devastation under my arm, where the bicep is, (I don’t know the correct name, sorry), 3cm away from my Brachial Artery!! If it was a little bit to the side, I’d have been dead as the procession was going full force but was only half-way finished at this point, so even though there must be contingencies of getting the emeregency services to people when it’s going, I don’t think they’d have got to me on time. Besides, my daughter was on one of the floats with her mother, and as much as I hate that Swamp Donkey, (with very good reason. Most people have said they can’t believe I’ve taken what she did to me so well and some have even mentioned about me having the mind-set of not having killed her, but it’s tempting), and I wasn’t about to miss my little girl on her day.



    After another 3 weeks, the pain getting steadily worse, I phoned the hospital to ask about my Emergency Appointment. They claimed that they never got the referral letter. I was gobsmacked! I asked, in the calmest voice I could, “are you honestly telling me that I’ve been in agony, waiting on an Emergency Appointment, for 2 and a half months and it’s been for nothing?” They apologised and said they couldn’t do anything about it, I had to go back to my GP and be re-referred. So I did, he sent another letter.



    After 4 days, I phoned the hospital and they confirmed they had the letter but I was on the waiting list. I told them it was an emergency but they replied that even though it’s much smaller, even Emergency Appointments have waiting lists, so I hung up and tried going about my life……another 4 weeks passed and the pain was unbearable now, which is saying something as I’m on a hefty dosage of morphine, tablets and liquid, and that wasn’t even helping. My chest started hurting a lot as well and I couldn’t take it much more so I went to A&E to be seen. It turned out that I had been living and walking around with a fractured spine, at least 5 misplaced discs (because of my injuries I was leaning to my left side quite a lot, Hell, I still am a bit, but because I couldn’t take the pain being straight they could only X-ray half of my spine) and, (and this was a surprise, even to me!!), a collapsed lung. I wasn’t wheezing or whistling, there was no fluid build up in the lung and I wasn’t in much pain in relation to it. It turned out that because my lung had dropped, it had been rubbing on the bottom of the cavity and had become infected, this infection had travelled up and was basically trying to get in to my heart, which probably wouldn’t end well, so a big dose of a strong antibiotic and home I went, (at my insistance. I recently had my daughter move in with me from her mother’s and I’m not about to risk throwing that away so soon). I had to have another course of different antibiotics after the first one but both courses seemed to have cleared it up.



    Aaaaanyway, my appointment finally arrived a week after that, so they tried to sort out the X-ray debacle, I was unable to be positioned how they needed me to be because it hurt too much, so they arranged an MRI scan. That came round 2 weeks later and they sedated me, gave me lots of really fun drugs and did the MRI. (I’m not sure what happened, and nobody is about to tell me, but I woke up the next day, looked down and saw a massive, dark purple bruise across my bicep on my left arm, roughly hand-sized). So, I got the results back on Oct 13th. It just so happens that somehow, I don’t know how, of the 5 discs that were misplaced, 2 have gone back in completely and there are 3 that could cause issues, (one more than the other 2), my fracture has pretty much healed up and my lung is very nicely working it’s way back to it’s own neighbourhood after it’s inconveniently timed vacation.



    So yeah, more than 6 months for the entire situation to have unfolded with me being in agony every single day, sometimes not even being able to get out of bed and having to ask my daughter to bring my tablets up for me……I know it might be self centered of me to have this cross my mind, but I think I damn well deserve some good luck after all that!!

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      P.S. That was formatted correctly into paragraphs but it seems to have bunched it all together when posting…….Also, sorry on the length. TL: DR Version: I got a boo boo and am whinging about it

      • Avatar photo

        Hi! We know about it and the bug should be fixed today.



        Btw. you have registered probably after writing the comments, right? Are you the registered user with your username? It could a fake as you understand so that’s why it’s better to register first and then write comments 🙂

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      you must be the winner

  4. Avatar photo

    I will play it on you tube if I win to get the game some publicity. Also the game looks like badlands. I really enjoyed that game.

  5. Avatar photo

    Because it looks just adorable and amazing! My mom does not want to give me money for this beautiful game… And I soooo like puzzles… So really want to win and check it out.

  6. Avatar photo

    I like cute platformer type games! I enjoy 100% or completing my games so this could be my 52 game I finish if I won a copy! Thx for the opportunity.

  7. Avatar photo

    it’s great game

  8. Avatar photo

    I LOVED Limbo and I would like to get this game because I’m a really fan of plataformer games! Such as Limbo as I said, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee & Exoddus, Rayman 2D Plataformers, and a lot of more plataformer games!! I really want to try this game cause it seems to be pretty good!!

  9. Avatar photo

    An excellent project. I really hope that the creators of the project will be able to earn on it and releasing new indie masterpiece. Thank you. 🙂

  10. Avatar photo

    Tastes great platform style games. I would love to have a chance to play Toby.I want to make a gameplayer on my youtube channel and give away the other key to help spread the game.

  11. Avatar photo

    Becuase Limbo and Nihilumbra are my favorite games!

  12. Avatar photo

    Hello. I would like earn one key, because this game looks amazig. This is game from man from my country, so if I not win, I would probably support him. It´s just only about luck. I love platformers and this game looks really interesting. And for end I wish really good luck and many sales to developer of this game. He deserves it!

  13. Avatar photo

    I’d love to win a key for this game because I think it looks gorgeous and fun. I recently got my first gamepad (Steam Controller) and am stocking up on platformers/sidescrollers to play.

    • Avatar photo

      I should also point out I’m unemployed and broke.

      • Avatar photo

        I should also also point out that I just signed up and verified my email address.

  14. Avatar photo

    I’d love to win the key because puzzle platformers are my favorite type of game. The first I ever played was Oddworld when it was on PS1. I loved Limbo! My husband and I played through it together in one night, taking turns every time we died. The art on this game looks beautiful and I always leave nice reviews for games that I like on Steam!

  15. Avatar photo

    I would like to play the game without spending money 😉 I´m not able to write anything inteligent.


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