Super Mario Movie: The Internet’s Views On Mario’s Voice

The long awaited trailer for the upcoming Super Mario Bros Movie have been met with both hype and disappointment, both from one aspect: the voice acting. While some performance have received a lot of love by the internet, the only complaint was with Mario and his unusual voice.

Super Mario Movie: The Internet's Views On Mario's Voice cover

The long awaited trailer for the animated movie Super Mario Bros was met with a slightly mixed reception when it comes to the voice acting. While Jack Black’s voice of Bowser is being highly praised and is keeping fans waiting for the movie’s release. It is Chris Pratt’s Mario voice that is being questioned on social media.

Their reactions ranges from “maybe the voice will grow on us, we have only heard a few voice lines to make a full opinion” to “Is it too late to change Mario’s actor?” because of how off the voice was from what we were used to with the likes of Charles Martinet (Voicing Mario in video games) and Walker Boone (Known for voicing Mario in animated series of the early Mario games).

The most surprising thing about internet users’ reactions to the trailer is the growing popularity of the French dub for Mario. It helps that the voice direction seemingly decided to stick with the Italian accent long time fans grew up hearing. Below you can compare both voices at the timestamp: 1:34.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie - Official Teaser Trailer (Universal Pictures) HD
Super Mario Bros Le Film – Bande annonce VF [Au cinéma le 29 mars]

Credit goes to Universal Pictures for uploading the original trailer and FilmsActu for uploading its French version. As you can hear, the two versions offer a different voice direction for Mario. It is no surprise that they were quick to prefer French’s voice over the English version. We now wonder if Illumination Entertainment will act on the criticism.

Source: Nintendo America’s Tweet announcing the trailer’s showcase

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