Super Mario Movie Gets Its Trailer This Week

Nintendo fans rejoice, the Super Mario Movie from Illumination, just got its first poster, with its first trailer set to release in just a few days. Here's everything you need to know ahead of its full reveal this Thursday.

Super Mario Movie Gets Its Trailer This WeekIn a post earlier today on Nintendo’s official Twitter, the company announced it would be releasing the first trailer during a Super Mario Bros. Movie focused direct this Thursday.

The trailer will coincide with the company’s panel at this year’s New York Comic-Con, and it’s unclear if the Direct will feature more than the trailer alone. The presentation will begin this Thursday (October 6th) at 1:05 pm PST, and will not feature any gaming content.

First announced back in 2018, Illumination’s Mario film has been somewhat of a mystery, with little else known about it other than the movie’s cast. The film stars Chris Pratt in the titular role, a departure from fan favorite and longtime Mario voice actor, Charles Martinet.

Alongside the news, they shared the first poster from the movie, giving fans just a little taste of the direction the studio has decided to take the iconic plumber and his world.


The poster shows Toad (voiced by comedy legend Keegan-Michael Key) leading Mario through a bustling downtown square in the Mushroom Kingdom. Adorably, while most of the buildings and items take a soft, rounded style similar to most Illumination films. Items on display in the antique store take a more voxelized form.

The overall art direction falls somewhere between the Super Mario 3D series, and the Super Mario Galaxy series, showing off the towering landscapes and floating mountains featured similar to those respective games.

More news and breakdowns will follow soon as Super Mario Bros. gets its first trailer this Thursday.

SOURCE: The Official Tweet from Nintendo

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