Top 5 Super Mario 3D World Levels

The Wii U best game is getting a ton of new appreciation on the Switch with a new port’s revival. In honor of that, here are the top 5 levels from Super Mario 3D World. These levels are judged based on their creativity with gameplay and how well they’re remembered afterward.

Top 5 Super Mario 3D World Levels

The Wii U didn’t have a ton of hits when it came out. Most were overlooked as the console wasn’t the most popular console that Nintendo released. When the Switch came out, we started to see a slew of ports from the company’s last-gen platforms that exposed gamers to what they missed. A popular choice that gamers wanted to see ported over was Super Mario 3D World, and with the release of the game with the inclusion of the expansion titled Bowser’s Fury on the Switch, there’s a new appreciation for the underrated game. So we’re going to look at the top 5 levels from Super Mario 3D World.

5. Sprawling Savanna

While this game follows Super Mario 3D Land‘s mold, this level feels more like a proper 3D Mario game. For just a brief moment, you get to run around the savannah chasing the rabbits. It becomes an open-world section, and running around is just gorgeous.

Speaking of, the whole level is one of the best looking ones in the entire game. The sky is painted in a beautiful golden sunset, and the shine glistens across the platform. Whether it’s the short moment of open-world exploration or the angelic art, Sprawling Savanna is fantastic.

Just look at that sunset.

Just look at that sunset.

4. Honeycomb Starway

This level takes inspiration gameplay style that’s older than what we’re used to seeing from the Italian plumber: a fixed shooter. The player takes part in a Galaga-inspired stage where they need to cross moving platforms, some having ice or lava on them. It becomes more fun when you get the Boomerang Flower, act as a ranged weapon.

It’s a shame that we don’t get more Galaga-like gameplay in more levels. Honeycomb Starway showed that when the series adapts a new style with its own twist, it can result in wonders.

Top down Mario shooter.

Top-down Mario shooter.

3. Mount Mush Dash

If Honeycomb Starway can take gameplay from something modern gamers aren’t associated with, the Mount Must Dash takes homage to one of Nintendo’s most well-known series. You think having a level based on Mario Kart would be a no-brainer, but this is the first time a 3D Mario has attempted this.

The whole stage pays homage to Super Mario Kart as you run through the track as dash panels help you feel like you’re racing fast. There are little touches like the music or the confetti that drop when you cross the finish line. It’s nice to see a tribute to one of the most popular Nintendo’s franchises.

No mention of any blue shells.

No mention of any blue shells.

2. Champion’s Road

When gamers remember Champion’s Road, visions of painfully trying to beat the stage and continuously dying plays in their mind, it’s by far the most challenging level in the game. Yet, it doesn’t feel impossible and feels rewarding and earned when you beat it. To unlock it, you need to collect all Green Stars, Stamps, and Golden Flags which takes a ton of time.

The stage is all of the game’s highlights, like the numerous enemies and obstacles that appear. There are no checkpoints or power-ups offered at all, and you’re guaranteed to lose a lot of lives. But as soon as you reach the flagpole, the feeling of pride is one the best feelings.

Hope you got a lot of lives on you.

Hope you got a lot of lives on you.

1. The Great Goal Pole

This stage starts very easy that most gamers don’t think there’s a catch. The flagpole is right there that you don’t even worry about the 100 second time limit. But as soon as you try to jump for the pole, it grows wings and flies dash. The objective becomes a thrilling mad dash to get the flag pole. It’s a brilliant way to bring tension for just a simple goal.

Once you get the flag pole, it feels like the weight has been taken off your shoulders. It makes this stage one of the most creative platforming levels in recent memory.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch

That’s it for the top 5 Super Mario 3D World levels, but what should have made the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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