Sony Looking to Increase PS5 Production in Time for the Holidays

This year, Sony is planning to ramp up PS5 production to ensure there are enough consoles for consumers this holiday season. They are also looking to increase fan engagement through a variety of methods including updates to PS Plus, a new loyalty program, and acquiring studios to provide new, high-quality content to fans.

Sony Looking to Increase PS5 Production in Time for the Holidays Cover

In a recent earnings report, Sony declared they are looking to increase PS5 production for the end of the year. They would like to “bring forward more supply into the year-end holiday selling season.” They are also looking to reengage fans after seeing a drop in gameplay in 2022. 

Sony stated that in the first three months of 2022, gaming engagement was down 15% compared to 2021. They believe with COVID restrictions lifting across the globe, many people are favoring leaving their homes instead of being indoors gaming. Despite this, Sony are still confident they will achieve their goal of 18 million unit sales by the end of year. 

Additionally, many components for the console are manufactured in Shanghai. With COVID restrictions continuing to lift, Sony are confident they can increase their PS5 production in time for the holidays. 

Sony Looking to Increase PS5 Production in Time for the Holidays

PlayStation’s revamped PS Plus membership is one way Sony is attempting to engage more fans

PS5 production aside, Sony has also made an effort this year to bolster fan engagement and boost their overall sales. One way they are doing this is through new programs for console gamers. As of June, they have restructured their PS Plus subscription service. They also plan to release a new loyalty program later this year. 

PlayStation is also looking to release more high-quality, first party games such as the highly-anticipated God of War sequel. Additionally, through acquisition of new studios, they hope to bring new gaming experiences to all PlayStation fans. 

“In addition to enhancing the content development capability of our existing studios, we are working to strengthen our first-party software by creating new IP and accelerating the roll-out of live game services and multi-platform titles through synergies with the studios we have acquired.”

This statement from their report came not long after their acquisition of Bungie and Haven Entertainment Studios in the summer of this year. 

SOURCE: Sony Earnings Report


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