Songs of Conquest Closed Alpha Invitations Coming May 2021

Songs of Conquest is nearing its closed alpha testing phase. The indie developers behind the project - Lavapotion, have announced that the first batch of invites for small-scale testing and feedback are scheduled to go out by late May 2021.

Songs of Conquest Closed Alpha Invitations Coming May 2021 cover

Songs of Conquest closed alpha sign-ups have been open since 2019. According to a recent blog post by Swedish development team Lavapotion, over 20,000 requests for alpha access have piled up since the game’s announcement at E3 2019. That same blog post indicated that access is planned to happen by the end of May. Originally planned as a late-2020 release, odds are that plan imploded under microbial strain. The unspecified delay apparently flew under everyone’s radar, but the team seem to have made progress regardless.

Anyone looking for a taste of how far Lavapotion got in the meantime is encouraged to join their Discord. That’s where feedback and the usual back and forth will be taking place. Assuming, of course, you already signed up for the alpha over on the game’s website.

This initial closed testing phase will be humble in scope, as the devs are looking for comprehensible and more direct feedback. Raising an army of thousands of testers would likely be counterproductive.

Songs of Conquest pre-release visuals pop, even in the dark

Songs of Conquest pre-release visuals pop, even in the dark

Lavapotion’s premier outing is bound to trigger nostalgia flashbacks for those familiar with early entries to the Heroes of Might & Magic series. The indie effort is quite obviously inspired by those, building on New World Computing’s formula with something akin to “old Disney” aesthetics with its presentation. Especially when it comes to music, judging by the trailer.

For the uninitiated – this would make the game a turn-based strategy-adventure hybrid. Gameplay is split between recruiting heroes or generals, building armies, capturing, defending and improving cities, collecting resources, and inconveniencing anyone else trying to do the same. All that should come wrapped in a fantasy adventure kind of story, presented in a 2.5D pixel art world. On top of putting everyone playing in serious danger of neglecting their immediate surroundings due to prolonged “One More Turn” exposure.

Heroes of Might & Magic III, specifically, is also one of those games everyone tends to be “the best” at, until they get their first serving of humble goblin pie in multiplayer, of course. According to the devs, Songs of Conquest’s local multiplayer will be part of the eventual full release. That being said, fingers crossed for a hot-seat mode.

There’s little mention of platform-specific or any other release details, other than a launch target of 2021 for PC and Mac systems. The developers have also refrained from publicly throwing their lot in with any of the digital storefronts which still have a good chunk of PC gamers at each other’s throats. Lavapotion even went as far as adding a note about avoiding such silliness in their Discord rules.

Be that as it may, sign-ups for the Songs of Conquest closed alpha are still open at the time of writing, so if you haven’t exhausted your supply of luck for the month on loot boxes already, maybe consider applying.

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