Songs of Conquest Release Date Revealed With New Trailer

Songs of Conquest release date silence is over, with the developers confirming a launch window for early next year. The announcement came with a new trailer in tow, showcasing different factions, some basic gameplay, and the first look at combat.

Songs of Conquest Release Date Revealed With New Trailer cover

Songs of Conquest‘s release date was to be sometime in 2020 initially. Undeterred by the inevitable pandemic delays, the Swedish devs behind the project – Lavapotion – have now set their sights on an early 2022 release window. After some closed alpha testing, there’s a new trailer for everyone who didn’t make the cut. This time around, some pixely hex-based combat of the I-Go-You-Go variety can also be found in the new footage.

Publishing duties will fall to Coffee Stain. They got their proverbial foot in the door some time ago with Goat Simulator and Satisfactory and now have a publishing arm that recently helped developers Iron Gate get Vallheim off the ground. The publishing forces involved have opted for releasing Songs of Conquest on Steam, Epic Game Store, and GoG, putting to rest concerns over release date exclusivity and similar shenanigans.

Not sure if the Gnome on the left is holding a rocket launcher, bagpipes, or both

Not sure if the Gnome on the left is holding a rocket launcher, bagpipes, or both

The game is heavily inspired by Heroes of Might & Magic and well placed to please those longing for a spiritual continuation of that venerable series. Not that there haven’t been any new entries, just not very good ones. At least when compared to the glory days of the series from around the third entry.

As for the game itself, four factions are confirmed for release – feuding knights, inventor merchants, swamp-folk, and the undead. While the game sports a somewhat cartoony pixel art style, the faction descriptions hint at a world that is a tad darker and more thoroughly conflict-ridden. It is hard to make an omelet without breaking some swamp-lizard eggs.

The titular songs seem to point at a Bastion-style narration for the player’s misdeeds and heroics. It will be interesting to see what twists Lavapotion can put on the well-trodden formula, such as heroes called Wielders drawing mana from their troops in place of a more traditional mana pool. With a single-player campaign, an in-game level editor, and an increasingly rare sight – local multiplayer 

Songs of Conquest - Turn based strategy - Gameplay trailer

Songs of Conquest release date updates for the particularly detail-hungry among you, along with a lot of work-in-progress visuals like concept art and the like, are over on the game’s dev-blog.

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