Pokemon Player Finally Catches Rare Shiny Sentret After Years of Trying

After nearly a decade since kickstarting her attempts at catching a shiny Sentret, popular YouTuber and streamer CandyEvie has finally met her goal. The encounter was recorded live via Twitch for the world to see and was subsequently used for a YouTube video to make the announcement. More details about her journey is revealed.

Pokemon Player Finally Catches Rare Shiny Sentret After Years Of Trying

YouTuber and streamer CandyEvie has finally managed to catch a Pokemon type she has always wanted after nearly a decade.

The English streamer has caught the appearance of a shiny Pokemon Sentret in FireRed while live on Twitch. The feat seemingly coming after hundreds of hours and thousands of encounters spent in the game or an equivalent of seven years.

A story of patience and dedication, the content creator has been attempting to get a shiny version of the normal-type Pokemon. One that proved to be a frustration that caused her to put a pause on the goal many times. Fifteen years of age at the time of kickstarting the endeavor, the streamer’s objective is finally met last May 9th.

Not necessarily her initial shiny encounter in the game, as it was officially her thirteenth. But it clearly depicts the difficulty of targeting something specific, even for something common for a spawn. A trend that began in Generation II at a low 1/8192 chances and one that still continues to this day, albeit with a variation.

How about you, which Pokemon have you been looking to get as a shiny? Were you able to accomplish it? Leave your comment below.

Video uploaded by CandyEvie.

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