PlayStation 5 Sold Like Hotcakes During PlayStation Direct Sales

Sony's latest console offering was in short supply following its initial launch. It's own storefront, the PlayStation Direct, sought to fill some of the gap it created. But its available stocks vanished into thin air due to strong sales, not reaching a quarter of an hour since it started.

PlayStation 5 Sold Like Hotcakes During PlayStation Direct Sales Cover

After announcing having some stocks of the PlayStation 5 that came in short supply on its early launch, orders of the latest Sony console came in droves—causing it to sell quite quickly.

Those who put up the effort to make a purchase wouldn’t find the notion very surprising. With each consumer having to queue up on the site, it appears that the offer could take longer. But instead, it only shows the high demand over the product when available stocks sold out in 34 minutes, as per TechRadar. That was fast, considering that many who were in line to buy had to wait longer since the sales began.

However, it is still unclear as to how many units PlayStation Direct held during said promo. Regardless of the number, it shows that interest in gaming remains strong as ever. Possibly, even more so than ever before.

Truly a dismay to those who missed another chance at getting a shot in the latest fad in gaming. But there’s still hope elsewhere. In particular, there is a strong belief that both Amazon and Target are getting their share of stocks this week. If that was not the case, it can be hoped to arrive sometime later, at least.

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