Pit People Launches this Friday! Goodbye Early Access!

The turn-based strategy co-op adventure title Pit People is set to be released this Friday, March 2nd for PC and Xbox One. Take a look at what's in store for those who have been eagerly awaiting this announcement!

Pit People Launches this Friday! Goodbye Early Access!
Pit People comes from the developer of the wildly successful Castle Crashers. The Behemoth took to twitter today to announce that their game is finally coming out of Steam Early Access and to PC's and Xbox One's everywhere this Friday, March 2nd! Their full post on the official site states that the game has received final polishing and bug fixes and is now ready to be installed and enjoyed.

Their early access period lasted for almost a year and a half (about 409 days), and the full game is supposed to come with an entirely new World Map complete with 15 additional bonus missions. According to their site, the game has also implemented a lot of quality-of-life updates which should make for a smooth and enjoyable experience. They will update their site with a launch post come Friday so watch out for that! 

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